There What’s more incredible is that there are

are some strange phenomenon exist in the world that people could hardly explain
then, making people put the responsibility on aliens. UFO, the Unidentified
flying object, is often used as the evidence of the existence of aliens by many
people. Crop Circle also seems strange and is regarded as the creature of aliens
by many people. What’s more incredible is that there are people who claim that
they have been abducted by aliens. And according to such strange phenomenon we
have heard about or meet with, there are more and more people believe that
aliens exist. However, attribute the reason to the aliens is not convincing and
even foolish. Strange phenomenon could be just something we could not explain
now but it can be revealed in the future. Imagine that the first time magic
come into people`s life, everyone is surprised and no one know how the
magicians can do that. However, magic could be explained by science. Phenomenon
like Crop circle, we just don`t know how it happen. Taylor (2010) mentioned
several possible explanation for the Crop circle like the cyclonic winds, using
microwave generators, electromagnetic–hydrodynamic
and human pranks. Although Taylor do not give the certain answer to the produce
of Crop circle, we can still know that Crop circle is created by aliens is not
convincing. As for the aliens abduction, Newman and baumeister (1996) did a
research and they summed up the cause that is hypnotic elaboration,
extraterrestrial sadomasochism and spurious memories, and the motivation of
then could be escape self. Based on this research, we have reason to believe
that the argument of aliens abduction is not convincing. Thus we should treat
the strange phenomenon rationally and search for the scientific explanation of
it instead of attributing the reason to the aliens and taking it as an evidence.
So although the strange phenomenon is tried to be used as the evidence of the
existence of the aliens, these evidences actually is false and not convincing,
thus we have more possibility to conclude that aliens do not exist.

may exist if we can find a comfortable planet like the earth which can provide
the necessary conditions for the growth of life. According to Moore (2013) , to
start life, it is necessary for the carbon-based and band together with other
atoms, which finally form the large, molecules, and then water, atmosphere and
temperature bring about the birth of life. Also Levin, Scott, Cooper, and West
(2017) show that based on the theory of natural selection, extraterrestrial
life should undergone self copy, natural selection, major transition with
restrictive conditions. Combined these two researches, if we find a planet with
the condition mentioned, we may have large possibility to find aliens. In the
research of Cassan, et al. (2012) we know that there are so many planets in the
universe, and only in the Milky way, this number is over 100 billion . we have
reason to believe that we can finally find the aliens in the universe. The NASA
Astrobiology Institute is found to explore the living conditions on Earth and
elsewhere in the space (Aldiss, 2001). In 2015, Kepler-452b, 1800 light-year
away from the earth, was found by NASA, which is regarded as the most Earth
like planets (Jenkins, et al. 2015). It seems that Kepler-452b is the answer we
have been searching for years, and there is almost just one step away from
finding aliens. But is it the fact? From their research of Kepler-452b, we know
the diameter, temperature and many other data of this planet is just the
calculate of scientists, due to the distance it may not be the fact. At same time,
they do not mention that all the necessary conditions of life exist on this
planet. They just predict. Again, prediction is not enough to convince the
world. So in a way, at least now we still find no planet with comfortable
living condition for aliens, let alone the existence of aliens. Thus even the
suppose of finding a comfortable living planet is beautiful, based on the fact
that we haven`t find any convincing evidence of such a planet, we have more
possibility to conclude that aliens do not exist.

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make a conclusion of the whole essay, whether aliens do exist or not have been
an argumentative topic since last century. Both of the two side have their
supporting point. However, comparing the two supporting points, we know which
one is more convincing. Aliens do not exist because human never found any sign
of them, it`s not convincing that the strange phenomenon is created by aliens
and human have never found any comfortable planet like earth for aliens to live
yet. All I hope is that we can find more convincing evidence to prove the
existence of aliens, but if there is not, we can only believe that we are the
only intelligent being in the universe.


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