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There are lots of cuff links around. There are gold cuff links, brass cuff links, and silk cuff links. There are also silk cuff links, the only non-metal cuff links in the market.

But if you are a first time buyer of a pair of cuff links, the recommended pick is a pair of silver cuff links.Sterling silver cuff links are made from 92.5% silver. The rest of the percentage goes to other metals such as copper. Sterling silver cuff links are cheaper than 99% silver cuff links and much stonger too. Why? This is because sterling silver, being an alloy, hardens when it was combined with copper. Pure silver tends to be soft and are malleable. So, to have for yourself the beauty of silver only tougher this time, it would be best if you will buy a pair of sterling silver cuff links.

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The silver color look cool: formal when needed, informal when circumstances necessitate it. You can’t be both formal and informal with gold cuff links. A pair of gold cuff links will always look formal. You cannot attend a formal event with a pair of silk cuff links. These cheap cuff links are perfect for office wear only.

With sterling silver cuff links, however, you have the best of both worlds.Sterling silver cuff links may be of different designs. It may be just plain, smooth cuff links, or frosted to make them look more fashionable, or engrave on the surface your initials or an intricate pattern that you like. The most popular design of sterling silver cuff links for women is a gem embossed cufflinks.

Diamonds may be requested to be embossed on the cuff links surface. Swarovski crystals and birthstones are also popular as sterling silver cuff links stud. Your will increase the value of your sterling silver cuff links with these precious and semi-precious gems.Sterling silver cuff links appeal more to the male population. Male loves the color silver because for them it symbolizes modernity and technology. Also, for them silver make them look more manly.

This is because in our society, the color gold is being linked to women, to women’s desire and love for jewelry and any thing that sparkles. For men, sterling silver cuff links are not as sparkling as a pair of gold cuff links.Sterling silver cuff links are also considered as a precious jewelry although they are just under a pair of gold cuff links in terms of price. But since many people are patronizing sterling silver cuff links than the gold pieces, there are lots of accessories stores out there that sell sterling silver cuff links at a cheaper price.

  Sterling silver cuff links are the best gift for groomsmen, deserving employees, bosses and clients. Silver makes a good canvass for designing; so any design that you want it to have, you can do so. If you want your company’s insignia or logo to reflect upon the face of the sterling silver cuff links, this can be easily done by asking cuff links engravers to engrave texts and designs on the smooth surface of a pair of cuff links.


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