There this war on Lamma and his team

There is noborder dispute between Oromia and Somali Regions.

May be that is an auxiliaryfactor. There is no Oromo-Somali conflict. Many agents want that. The twopeoples had nothing to fight over, instead both poor peoples in easternEthiopia had lost many things together. Both peoples living in desert andsemi-desert geographies of Ethiopia’s eastern part are pastoralists andsemi-pastoralists largely live on food aids. The so-called Somali Liyu Police(created by government) have been attacking both peoples.

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The conflict hasbeen about power struggle within the EPRDF. On top of that, the war isintensified because it has gained wider objective, i.e.

, weakening Oromo andOromia. Since recently, Oromo nationalism is framed as a threat to rulingelites in Addis Ababa and their hard won power. Ruling elites may consider (notnow) another measure which is so dangerous to the federation (The mission is tocontain Oromo nationalism from 4-kilo). Network of power struggle. The firststep therefore is to overthrew Lamma’s government (who is able to gain enoughsupports from youths, nationalists) and replace them by puppet personalities.It is thus a continuation of power struggle in Ethiopian politics. In the last26 years, OPDO could not have meaningful influence in the EPRDF power structurelet alone having access to 4-kilo on a ridiculous claim that OPDO could notbring up capable leaders of its own.

Thatjustification is funny. OPDO had capable leaders; the problem is that powerholders in the EPRDF were able to label those capable OPDOs as OLFites and ableto expel them from Ethiopia. What happened to ex-presidents of Oromia such asAli Abdo, JunadinSado and other key figures of OPDO were living evidences. Ingeneral OPDO was deliberately made leaderless. Now, OPDO is able to bringing upcapable leaders and rejected all forms of fake political labeling.Unsurprisingly, the same hegemony is speaking the same very old languagethrough Jijjiga/ through Abdille.

Do you remember this war on Lamma and histeam was opened first on the #Jijjigaherald, then #Aigaforum (EPRDF website),then #TigraiOnline, etc. That war is resumed now transforming itself fromonline to on air and field works (invasion, violence, displacing). Warmongeringnational mornings, state funerals using fake pictures. Oromia Government shouldnot be provoked by such irresponsible acts and behaviors from Jijjiga. Thatbehaviors of Abdille and his government is sponsored from within the EPRDF.Very classic power struggle. No one can deny that.

They better stop thatgambling played over Oromo, Somali, Oromia and Somali Regions. The fire theyare pushing will burn all. Stop! Stop! Stop it! Only in the2016/17, more than 600,000 Oromos were evicted due to Liyu Police invasions andforced mass population displacement (official reports).

Only with inthree days, 60,000 to 100,000 Oromos expelled from Somali Regional State (official reports). Now,they are camped in schools and football fields in Harar, Chinaksan, Miesso, andother districts. Still the remaining Oromos are being forced to leave SomaliRegion.

These Oromos are citizens. They need food, shelter, clothing. Most ofthem are merchants and left their business back in Somali Region (expropriatedby Liyu Police). All are residents of the region and have families up to 13children. They left their homes they build to Liyu Police killing machines.

Among families, there are school children, elders. Some are pastoralists. Theyeven did not know why they were loaded on trucks and dumped in Oromia. That ishappening in front of and also backed by Ethiopian Defense Force, easterncommand.

  My RespondentsAccording toArt. 32(1) and 41(1) of FDRE constitution let alone an Ethiopian a foreignnational lawfully in Ethiopia has, the right to liberty of movement and free tochoose his residence, to engage freely in economic activity and to pursue alivelihood of his choice anywhere within the national territory. The Oromos aredisplaced, or deported from Somali regional state in contravention of theseconstitutional provisionsThe regionalgovernment is doing this only against Oromos contrary to Art 25 of the sameconstitution which prohibits discrimination on grounds ofrace, nation,nationality, or other social origin, color, sex, language, religion, politicalor other opinion, property, birth or other status.Many Oromos werekilled and others were injured by liyu police in violation of Article 14 whichstates Everyperson has the inviolable and inalienable right to life the security of personand liberty; and Article 15 of the FDRE Constitution which states every personhas the right to life.

No person may be deprived of his life except as apunishment for a serious criminal offense determined by law and also Article 16which states Every one has the right to protection against bodily harm.The actions theSomali regional state has taken are grave crimes which jeopardize fundamentalfreedoms and liberties that the Oromos have under the constitution.  Accordingto the Oromia regional government spokesman and the federal governmentcommunication minister certain unknown armed forces are invading the Oromiaregional government.

Article 62(9) FDRE constitution provides that the house offederation order federal government intervention when one of the stateendangered constitutional order. And the proclamation 359/2002, theproclamation which provides systems of intervention of federal government inthe region, defined endangering the constitutional order as follows, Anactivity or act carried out by the participation or consent of a RegionalGovernment in violation of the Constitution or the constitutional order and inparticular:(a)armed uprising;(b)resolving conflicts between another Region or Nation, Nationality or People ofanother Region by resorting to non-peaceful means;” Given the admission ofthe federal government and regional government existence of the Oromia invasionby unknown armed forces, why Oromia regional government failed to make formalcomplaints to house of federation and notify the public?TheOromia regional state also said that Oromia regional government confirmed thatthe participation of the Somali republic army in theinvasion of Oromia. Article 87 FDRE constitution provides that the nationaldefense force shall protect the sovereignty of the country. The participationof the Somali republic army in the invasion of Oromia concretely proves thatthe sovereignty of the country is violated.My question here is why the Oromiaregional government ask the commander in chief of the national defense forceaccording to the constitution why they let this to happen?I interviewedlocal residents in several towns and villages, including Chinakson, Mieso,Deder and Gursum in east and west Hararghe; Moyale, Liben and GumiiEdelo inGuji Zone in southern Ethiopia; as well as in Sewena, MedaWolabu and Dawe Sererworedas (district zones) in Bale, south east Ethiopia, on several occasionssince July 2017.

  Almost all the peopleinterviewed say armed men who are members of the “Liyu police” force were oftenthe culprits of cross border raids that ends in the death of civilians.


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