There allow gamers to solve the gaming problems

There was a belief that playing video games make an individual lazy and
stupefy but playing video games helps in the development of wide range of
cognitive skills. Playing video games is one of the most efficient and
effective means by which children and youth generate positive feelings. During
gaming, gamers are immersed in an intrinsically rewarding activity.

Video games are now a
big deal in the market. Video game developers are providing virtual worlds
which challenge gamers to use their brain power to solve complex problems
inside of the gaming world. Video game developers build interactive worlds
which allow gamers to solve the gaming problems with gamers’ cognitive skills.
The nature of games is very different for different games. In video games, when
a mission or task is assigned to the gamer, the gamer looks for solutions to
accomplish that task. The game developer wouldn’t make the task so easy for the
player to finish. The video game mission requires the gamers’ intellectual
skills, problem solving abilities to take into account for the necessary
accomplishment for the task. An average gamer spends 6.5 hours a week playing
video games. Many of us think that playing video games are actually a waste of
time. But it is not like that, it can mould an individual’s cognitive abilities
to very great extent.
There are many video games available in the world ranging from different
categories, strategies and so on. Some of the main video games categories
include Action, Strategy, Sports, Puzzle, Arcade and so on. Video game
production is actually involves a great team effort. The games difficulty also
varies differently for each game. There are games which are too easy and
difficult for us to complete.

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Some of the added advantages of playing video games are it increases the speed
of decision making, helps to get rid of dyslexia, reduces stress and anxiety
levels, helps in the encouragement of team work, improves motor skills, help in
developing career-building skills and socialization, improves balance.


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