Theme: described as a very wild and dark

Theme: The overall theme wrapped around the novel Heart of Darkness is the idea of imperialism. Marlow travels from the central station to the inner station. While traveling he witness acts of slavery, like brute force and cruelty. The men who run the company desribe what they do as trade and how they treat the natives is apart of their civilization. The character Kurtz talks openly about he doesn’t like trade and that he would rather take the ivory by force. Kurtz says he explains that his treatment of the natives with the words “suppression” and “extermination.” Kurtz is not afraid to tell people that he gets things through violence and intimidation. Significance of Title: The title Heart of Darkness has two different meanings. The first meaning would be the dictionary definition which would mean the title refers to the middle of Africa, the Congo. The setting of Heart of Darkness refers back to the time where oarts of Africa are still yet to be discovered. The continent of Africa was called the Heart of Darkness because it had not been fully explored yet. In the book the scenery is described as a very wild and dark jungle. Picturing the silent and the danger of the Congo river, the natives hiding throughout the jungle, and the thick fog all come together to create the backstory of the title. In one point of The Heart of Darkness the charater Marlow was attacked by some of the natives. The natives attacked Marlow becasue they did not know why he was in Africa. The ignorance of the natives shows what it was really like to travel through the Congo and to see how unsafe it was because Kurtz and Marlow were not familiar with the land. The other meaning is the hidden which stands for the darkness and problems that happen to to everyone in their heart or in their mind. The whole point of this journey was so that Marlow and Kurtz could travel through the darkness in their minds. At one point of the book Kurtz falls into the trap of the darkness of the Congo. Kurtz loses his subconscious and fails to control his morals. Kurtz gives in and becomes one of the Congo. Kurtz starts to act like a completely different person by acting cruel.y6y66Significant QuotationsAdditional comments”Joseph Conrad.” A Television Networks, 21 Nov. 2016. Web. 15 Dec. 2017..


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