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The First Amendment protects citizens from speaking their those citizens who are prevented from sharing their thoughts/opinions/beliefs, the first amendment protects more powerful than that.The First Amendment makes sites that the majority listens, even if they like to, it’s a powerful sentiment.”We the people” have the power and are reluctant to change, spread new ideas,  and cannot be disregard to people that don’t agree with us. The true value of The First Amendment makes sure all citizens can speak their mind, and their idea and words cannot be silenced, ignored, or restrained, that’s what made the important part of our constitution.People may disagree with what some others say, or believes in, or someone may protest for, we still need to protect their right to do so.The First Amendment shows the values of what the country was founded on.When colonies showed their disapproval to King Georgie 3, they created their own law, “freedom of speech”. Declaration of Independence itself is probably the most important part of “freedom of speech”. Thoma Jefferson listed the things against the King.The document is protesting the Government of England for redress of grievances.The values underlying the First Amendment were showed long before there was the United States.I truly think free speech is what made the United States strong.The more I read about the first and, the more I start to understand the importance of the First Amendment.I also think the Government shouldn’t prohibit an idea simply because society finds the idea offensive or disagree with it. People should not get afraid to listen to someone who disagrees with them.In fact, “the people of the United States” should welcome it.we maybe don’t want to hear about another religion, or political opinion, it is important that we protect this right.without it, our country won’t be “free” anymore.Without the freedom to speak, protest, or to practice whatever religion other chooses, these victories would not have occurred. to this day, we continue to challenge these freedoms.we are given a gift called “freedom” in America, we should never take it for granted. Our Constitution is a strong document that has been used for over two hundred years.It protects our freedom and ensures our way of life for centuries.The First Amendment will continue to be challenged, but it’ll learn.It will continue to keep safe the citizens of United States until this country ends


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