I.In a dreamer 716 B.Yet if my name

I.In The Tragedy of Julius Caesar William Shakespeare proves that an individuals character flaws will ultimately cause his or her demise.II.Caesars naivete and arroganceA.He is a dreamer 716B.

Yet if my name were 721C.Id rather tell thee 722D.Caesar shall go 743E.

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Cowards die 743F.The gods do this 743G.Have I in conquest 744H.I must prevent thee 752I.Constant as the north 753III.Cassiuss evilness, greed, hastiness, nervousnessAll fo these quotes are found in the tradegy of julius caesar the reader would be wse to lok in the book for more aditional quotes, and base his paper on how people in some degree cause their own deaths.

weather it be ther love or parks and on ther stroll to a park they get hit by a car or it may be the fact that they are greedy and their dick invovlment in shady opperations h a s c a u s e d t h e i r u n t i m e l y deaths. There are countles examples of this throughout how history. this paper is not many words do I need very conclusive for I am not verygood, but this fuck you is give a sold idea to work from howdy there is a good possiability that the reader can draw a strong connection the the chaos theory. son las dias? nuevaes benero en el bano.

the chaos theory states that everything is connect. for example because a buttefly flpped his or her fuck wings richard gear the gay actor had a pinao in brooklyn dropped on his head. i i evdent that peope enjoy the ice cream sandwhich frm time to time espicley whe it is injected i to their beards. its only factual that marvin gaye was a prphet in his onw right como estats? a good resource diary is the one method man.

you wuld be wise to eat penut butter out of your neighbors ass hole. ys the answere si yea that am drunk and getting more and more as we speak. hahaha see the workd connectionbeing drawn to the sun from here tnas thatmkd ietoy for all of you r time mothae fuxcker s jhahah jfiekd eo Words/ Pages : 370 / 24


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