The to understand the start of lost circulation

The oil and gas industry is
often faced with challenges relating to lost circulation during cementing
operations. Not only is it time-consuming, it is also very expensive. It costs
the industry billions of dollars in materials, nonproductive time, and
minimized production. To reduce the problems brought about by lost circulation,
it is necessary to have better knowledge and understanding of the application
of wellbore- strengthening mechanisms to cement slurries. This includes the
ability to control cementing-fluid properties in order to strengthen the
wellbore, as well as minimizing losses during cementing operations.                  In this study, a field analysis was conducted to
understand the start of lost circulation during different phases of drilling and
primary cementing. Four different locations of offshore wells were studied
which are namely the Gulf of Mexico, United Kingdom, Angola, and Azerbaijan.
Laboratory research was executed at the same time, to monitor and understand
the behavior of cement slurries in controlled lost-circulation scenarios with
the use of a block tester. The formation-breakdown and fracture-propagation
pressures were measured within different cement-slurry compositions, and
compared with pressures obtained with drilling muds.                  40 well sections that conveyed losses, either before
or during primary cementing operations, were analyzed. The rate and severity of
lost circulation differed for the said wells, but based on the findings, it was
concluded that losses were often induced while running casing or during the
pre-cement job mud circulation, and rarely during cement placement.  Agree or Disagree                                I strongly agree with this journal because it
addresses the time-consuming and costly problems caused by lost circulation
that often happens during cementing operations. The field analysis performed on
different phases of drilling and cementing operations really helped in ruling
out where the problem started to arise. This also led to the conclusion that
lost circulation rarely occurs during cement placement but rather during casing
and pre-cementing. This will then help future operations be cautious of the
said stages in order to mitigate problems and save both time and money.


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