The CSR programs have also recently begunimplementing in Vietnam, however, the scale and impact of them were not bigenough in the community. Business owners in Vietnam will have much work to doto successfully implement the CSR program in this country. The author has somesuggestions to contribute to improving the quality of CSR activities inVietnam.

First, enterprises need to change their perception of CSRimplementation, especially for senior executives of enterprises. Theimplementation of CSR is not simply a matter of business ethics orphilanthropic activities; they are not costly operations without economicbenefits, by contrast, implementing CSR will help businesses gain the morecompetitive advantage in the market (Tran, 2009). Second, businesses need tohave a long-term strategy in developing and implementing CSR. Theimplementation of CSR is not a simple matter and is within the capacity of mostVietnamese enterprises, by the limitations of awareness and resources,including financial resources, technical, highly qualified manpower.

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Therefore,businesses need to develop an appropriate route for step by step implementingthe content of CSR. Businesses may consider collaborating with governments aswell as non-governmental organizations (domestic and international) tounderstand what issues really need to be resolved (Romero, 2014). Third,enterprises must improve the technical solutions – technology and perfectmanufacturing processes and use of closed cycle. This is one of the mosteffective measures to limit the depletion of natural resources andenvironmental pollution. Companies should apply the scientific achievements -advanced techniques, the line equipment to produce clean technologies that useresources and energy at the lowest level, released into the environment atleast waste.

They should focus on strengthening scientific research andenvironmental technologies, training of environmental professionals (Pham,2011). In addition to the above-mentioned solutions, enterprises should developa policy of good remuneration for employees (such as wages, workingenvironment). Shareholders contribute to the company’s operations, so thatmanagement can make the right decisions for their upcoming CSR goals.


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