“The told her sister what happened, Ms. Mallard

“The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin is about a woman by the name of Mrs. Mallard, the wife of Brently Mallard. Mrs. Mallard suffers from a heart condition and her sister Josephine tries to find the calmest way to tell her that her husband died in a tragic railroad accident. Mr. Richards, who is Mr.

Mallard’s friend, was the first to receive information about the accident. When Josephine told her sister what happened, Ms. Mallard broke down and cried in her arms and went into her room without the company of her sister or Mr. Richards. She sat in her room alone and began thinking of her new life and freedom. For her, this was a new beginning and a dream come true, but that dream shortly ended as she returned out the room and reunite with her sister.

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ALater, things take an unexpected turn as her husband walks through the door. With Mrs. Mallard’s heart condition, this devastating news took a toll on her, she could not handle the devastating news, her hopes and dreams being crushed, and the return of her husband, so she dies from a heart disease. Losing a spouse can be very devastating and even worse trying to grieve with a heart condition. That can take a toll on someone. There will be a lot of mixed emotions and changes. Ms Mallard heart could only take so much and the new was too much for her to bear.

Hearing that her husband was gone was something she gained a positive and negative feeling about. Maybe she could do as she please, after all, but then her husband did die from a railroad accident.Having to wait for a spouse to die to be a free woman and enjoy life can be unhealthy and which was another contribution to her heart condition. She yearned for space, freedom, and independence. All she could say was “free, free, free!” over and over again (Chopin). This was her start on a new beginning. She had begun thinking of all the things she wanted to do that she couldn’t because of her husband. It was almost a dream come true and a positive out look out in the near future.

After crying and dreaming of what  life could’ve been it turned into a rude awaking. Her husband who was pronounced dead is now alive. This made her dream turn into a nightmare. Yes, she love him and didn’t want him dead but now since he was alive and she wouldn’t be free. Everything would go back to normal.

 She was so shocked that he returned home and everything she wanted was put to an end. She died from heart disease it was really the joy that killed her (Chopin).  In conclusion, Mrs.Mallard battling with her health and marriage issues  affected her mentally, physically,emotionally it had a big impact on her death.  Although she was having some health issues and felt like it was nothing else to live for hearing that her husband had died made her rethink her life and how she could finally live as a free woman. Her husband unanticipated arrival was the end of it. She knew as long as she lived and her husband was alive all her dreams and aspirations in life would not come true.

In that hour her dream was fulfilled after all.


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