In the play Inherit the Wind by Jerome Lawrence and Robert Lee, the theme is that all people have the right to think. One examply that supports the theme is the conversation between Howard and Melinda. While dangling a worm in front of Melinda, Howard remarks, “What’re yuh skeered of” You was a worm once” (4). Melinda replies by exclaiming “that’s sinful talk” and “I’m gonna tell my pa” (4). The two children ponder their beliefs and are influenced by the people around them. The thinking process begins when very young.

Children constantly ask the question “Why?” Howard and Melinda begin to wonder what is the right belief. Another example of the theme occurs during the questioning in act two. During the questioning, Drummond desperately tries to establish that everyone “has the right to think (64). Drummond says that a man is on trial and “threatened with fine and imprisonment because he chooses to speak what he thinks” (64). Yet another example of the theme occurs when Bert and Rachel decide to go off on their own. Rachels decision to break away from the beliefs of her narrow-minded father and go off with Bert is expressed when she replies to Bert, “I’m not sure.

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But I’m leaving my father” (110). Cates offers to carry Rachels suitcase while shouting over his shoulder, “See you at the depot” (115). They’ve decided that although they aren’t sure which belief is right or wrong, they want to know that they’re free to speak what they think. Indeed, the theme of Inherit the Wind is the right to think.Words/ Pages : 280 / 24


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