The now not compatible with the current environment.

The development of pharmacy management system what is meant here is the process of automating any conversion from work depends on the human effort in everything to work based on information technology or building the information system of the company The purpose of the automation or establishment of the information system of the company is to reduce errors and achieve the highest rate of validity of data entered and reduce the cost by combining the data shared in a single database while maintaining the independence and purpose of control and relationship and maintain their exit from reports as they are according to their importance in the manual system.The purpose of building the information system of the company helps in the decision-making processes easily and accurately since the information system stores all the data is the main source of information if the accuracy of the data and the availability of information accurately and the system helped speed decision-making appropriate and helps in the planning and control of the company And reducing the time for workers, which leads to any reduction in costAnd these reasons lead to achieving the highest rate of profitability to the organization that wants to automate its work.Making automation of the work and the establishment of information systems for the organizations is very important to achieve the full administrative success of any system, whatever type of work.Mechanization occurs as a natural result in the life cycle of systems.Life cycle model of systems: It is meant that any system has a period of time and then become unusable for any non-compatible with the current environment and must be replaced by a new system or developed to match the current environment, For example, the current pharmacy management system, which is mechanized in the past, relies on records and manual works in everything. It is now not compatible with the current environment. It is replaced by a new system based on computer and information technology to be more in line with the surrounding environment.

There are several systematic steps within the life cycle model of systems.This project has four main process:·         Part 1: The area of research or study and its importance for science, technology or national economy  Part 2: What was done in this area before and what problems were still not solved or solved not satisfactory Part. ·         3: What is the goal of this paper and what is new in the proposed method Part.·         4: Outline of the paper.

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