The The other one is myelination progress through

The adolescence
is a period of advancement that people have some changing with physically and
psychologically in the life. This period beginning at puberty (it depends on
the gender)  and ending young person.
Basically, we can understand some changes that effect on people who are between
12-20 approximately. However, there are some invisible things we can not realize
really that adolescent has on their emotions.


The adolescence
period depends on the gender, usually, girls reach puberty before than boys. In
addition, there are some factors that can affect on puberties to reach puberty
early, one of this effect is climates differences. We can observe some
psychically changes on puberties and these are make sure to understand
adolescents are entering this period. Physical changes appear at puberty
related with sexual maturity. Males muscular is developing and also they have
facial hair , maturing of sexual organ, chancing sound. The girls have
menarche, changing body, maturing of uterus, breast growth. In addition there
are some common changes on female and male. These are, skeletal growing,
increasing sex drive, realizing identity to progress it basically keeping
gender identity to develop. Adolescent have second critical period about
neurological. There are some neurological changes on puberties that is called
gray matter, it starts at 11-12 years and it regress through the puberty
period. The other one is myelination progress through the adolescent until
adulthood. In addition teens have the same action in the amygdala, however,
they have less activity in frontal lobs. These structural differences affect on
adolescent to explanation  of other’s
emotions. Example, Adolescent usually misunderstand to facial expression versus
adulthoods. In addition teens see life is risky but they believe that, this
risky life can not influence on their own life, they guess they have a
protector from the aftermath of risky behavior.

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passes the many different ways in this period. One of these periods is
cognitive and moral development. In this period adolescent’s  short-term (working) memory was reached
maximum level. In addition, problem solving mechanism improves and they think
more analytically and more logically together with their expert system
(knowledge) base increases and managerial functions improve. Actually, that
period’s especially moral development originated from a theory that based on
Piaget.  One of this student of Piaget
who is named Lawrance Kolhberg wanted to broaden Piaget’s cognitive and moral
development. He introduced three main stages of progression. These are pre-conventional
level means moral preference formed based on anticipation award and discipline
(or punishment). The second one is conventional stage preference is made
consonance by law or public opinion. The last one is post-conventional level
moral preference based on personal standards and logic. The adolescence period
includes one more period this is social and emotional developmental. There is a
theory of Erik Erikson that social progress can bring some challenges which are
desirable or undesirable conclusion.



There are some
factor that effects on the puberties to extended period of adolescence
period.  Adolescent encounter identity
seek, they are getting be in search of identity and when they are in
adolescence period they have some difficulties to find their own identity due
to some environmental reasons. When explaining these environmental reasons,
adolescents see someone or maybe from the family as a role model and this
behavior makes to complicate to find their own identity then cause identity
confusion. When they fail on this section that problem cause to extend
adolescence period. In addition, there are some elements to entry adolescence
period early these factors are originated from the geographical location and
climate. There is one factor that effects on entry adolescent period early.
Looking like an adult than the others.


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