The the influence our behaviors and attitudes. (Julian

The definition
of a locus of control be defined as the conceptual referring on how strongly
people believe that they are able to handle the circumstances and experiences
which affects in their daily lives. The locus of control describes the causes
of students’ academic in obtaining success or failure in school. The students
attitude was controlled by achievements and punishments for any consequences of
actions that determines the actions is from the influence our behaviors and
attitudes. (Julian Rotter, 1954). An important aspect of behavior refers to a
person who has the personality of a locus of control shows the perception
action that might causes of circumstance in his/her life (Julian Rotter 1966). A
locus of control orientation is the confidence whether the actions on what we
do gives a result “internal control orientation” or on action which is out of our
personal control “external control orientation” (Zimbardo, 1985). There are 2
types of Locus of Control explained that are Internal Locus of Control and
External Locus of Control. The Locus of Control typically shows on how students
to realize on the effects of academic success or failure in school. Therefore,
Locus of Control is a strong effect on self-efficacy by performing task
assigned regarding education related with a student life. A student uses their
abilities well in order to achieve a goal of success. The effect of language
ability in locus of control as well as performance of a student speaks well in
English where the internal locus of control and external locus of control are
obtained. Students highly expect to explain their knowledge and use their
ability to express the talents in English in order to achieve success in their
future. Locus of control impacts the students who try to achieve success or
failure in an academic year.


      An Internal Locus of Control is for the
people often believe they are in control of their own future and events in
their daily lives. Moreover, people with an internal locus of control attempts
to achieve and obtain an outcome. The students with Internal Locus of Control
will perceive action occurred to them is an outcome of their own work and effort.
The advantages of an Internal locus of Control is the students controls over
their life situations and responsible for any consequences action that might
happen to them in their daily events. Furthermore, these types of personality
likely to work hard in order to achieve a goal in educational and vocational areas.
The students believes that the success or failure is an effort and outcome that
they have attempt to achieve something in their education life. There other
types of locus of control is the external locus of control that defines success
or failure  achievement outcome obtain
from external factors beyond of the people control such as fate, circumstance,
tendency, luck or teachers who being unfair, and unpracticed . For example,
students who are having internal locus of control behavior might criticism for
poor grades on their failing their academic, whereas students who have external
locus of control behavior will blame on the responsible teacher for being
unfair or  obtain poor result for their
test by circumstances or fate.

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       Locus of control affects internally and
externally student’s potential can be measured in obtaining success or failure in
academic that reflects the students’ performance. From a research identified
the effect of language ability in a locus of control and as well as the performance
of a student who are capable to speak well in English can obtain high internal
locus of control and external locus of control. Students having high
expectation to express their knowledge and ideas in English subjects in order
to get through success in their future where a lot of ability to get success or
failure in an academic year impacts on the locus of control. In addition a
student with personality of an internal or external locus of control have a
powerful effect on academic motivation, dedication, and obtaining outstanding achievement
in school. In education world, the internals are considered more likely to hard
work in order to learn and understand, progressive, and succeed where as for
the externals are more likely to have confidence that working hard is fruitless
because they are treated with unfair. Students also believe that an external
locus of control doesn’t acknowledge their accomplishments or their effort will
not provide a result in success.


       In addition, students having the
personality of internal locus of control might influence the events of positive
and negative method through their ego, and the students with positive effects
locus of control can influence the activities by fortune, circumstances and
luck as well with their confidence ability in themselves (Kutanis,
2011).Positive impacts towards the student performance in locus of control
allows them to learn difficult subjects more smoothly. The students’ academic
can be measured with observing their studies activities, academic results,
family background, qualification of parents and parental control is one of the strategy
which be helpful method students locus of control in academic performances.


A positive relationship between locus of control and performance skills
of minority group of pupils will choose their subjects according to their level
of knowledge and skills that allows them to perform well in academic. Other than that, minority group of students have a negative
relationship on performance and ability which is related with the locus of
control. These negative relationship between the skills and the student
performance failure is because of the parent carelessness and less concerned
with education institutes. Students personally should have self-motivation and
eagerness on educational activities, which will provide a positive outcome. For an example the student should utilize their skills,
intelligence and concentration in studies during their childhood stated their
academic requirements and student with minority level is capable to achieve
internal and external locus of control. Student are able to adapt
changes relating new education as they are having the motivation in achieving
well in their academic performance. For instances,
student are aware of latest technology and knowledge in studies which provides
them a strong influences of positive locus of control because students willing
to adapt latest technologies. Students can obtain knowledge by various learning
programs online study program have a positive impact to enhance academic
performance of minority student. Students are taught with several subjects and
provide a test to identify their ability and skills of performance. Thus, the
environmental factor and achieving the aim allows the student perform well to
get a results. The relationship between students locus of controls and academic
achievement depends on locus of control with internal motivations and external


     Therefore, several important academic that
might influence the academic achievement of university students in the locus of
control. For an instances the locus of control impacts by supporting the students’
academic (Coleman and DeLeire, 2000). The theory of reasoned action developed
by Vroom(1964) which states that motivational work with 2 purposes that are the
effort  produce will lead to performance
and the performance will lead to as a results of the reasoned action (Ajzen and
Fishbein 1980). Students who assume of finding a high paying job depends little
on their human capital investments or the internal factors that have a strong
effect on their future opportunities might be more likely to complete school or
attend college/university.(Ajzen and Fishbein, 1980).On the other hand, the
external factors might be more likely school dropouts or fail on focusing on
their academic. Therefore, university students are able to make academic
investments by making hard work preparation on their academic studies on
applying the internal locus of control.


       Distance learning provides allows the
students to obtain extra positive approach towards the teachers and faculty
which is one of the factors of students locus of controls and relationship to
their academic achievement (Round, 2005). Students should play vital role
influencing their attitudes within themselves. For instances, the student must
have motivation, curiosity, individual belief and experiences at school. The
teachers in the school should prepare with their equipment and themselves so
that students will receive additional positive energy when the learning process
is conducted. The examples of a teacher providing a good approach towards the students
is by providing materials that will be taught, managing the classroom in a
method way, exposing the knowledge towards the students, and providing guidance
and optimism regarding the subjects taught by the teacher. Moreover, the most
important factor which is from the home environment and society. For instances
the educational background that determines the attitude of the students and the
parents having the expectancy on their children’s academic results. Learning a
tasks where negative perspective may provide are the result of repeated
failures or difficulties become relatively constant. Positive attitudes in
first learning will be an advance key in academic but the positive point of
view become less and negative increases at high school. Some other factors
associated with declining attitudes as learners to move up the academic ladder
include the pressure to perform well, over demanding tasks, uninteresting
lessons and less than positive attitudes on the part of teachers (Zan and Di
Martino, 2008).


       The theory of locus of control widely
have been identified by researcher for past several decades. For the purposes
of this study, it is imperative to review the past literature concerning the
relationship between students locus of control and academic achievement, while
considering the possible effects of age and gender. The internal people having
the effort to achieve a goal in academic and provides a results. Thus, the
positive experience provides achievement, which increases the performance of specific
behaviors and make stronger the reward of expectation



Besides that, an
individual having the external control perspective obtaining rewards as a
product of luck or circumstances. The external individual is not motivated to
accomplish specific behaviors because behavior and reward belief is not confirmed.
For an example, a success does occur but an emotional response does not occur
because the individual does not believe to obtain success using own ability and
skills. An individual’s faith control develops various eagerness responses (Ray,
1980). Other than that, the effect of belief responses on essential
motivational related with the theory of Locus of Control and Its Implication on
Students’ Academic Achievement


       Researcher is able to search various
type of effects towards academic performance failure or success and there are
many methodologies that used to be measured the results. A research has been
conducted by researcher by doing an observation on why the students are failed
in mathematics subjects .The students are not paying their attention to their
work neither focusing on their task work to be accomplished. For an example,
students are taught and provided with method to solve an equation or problem
statement through calculation in mathematics and the same method will be
implemented after obtaining the information but the students failed to provide
a results as they are not focusing to their work (Charlotte 1984). Locus of
control is the name of individual attributes whether positive or negative
likewise an individual got success and some sort of prizes and compensation
this is positive for that individual but on the other hand this is negative for
others who fail to achieve such prizes or compensation. The locus of control
divided into two type’s internal and external locus of control. An individual
with internal locus of control the activities through positive and negative way
where the individual have beneficial locus of control can affect the activities
of an action  by chance and circumstances
as well as self-confidence (Kutanis, 2011). The positive locus of control on
student performance provides impact that allows the students learn the subjects
easily which has difficulties. Student is provided training in such a way where
belief in one’s ability and independence are build and develop in both males
and females (Yunusa ,2015).





      Locus of control has a positive
influences on academic performance according to research if students have internal
motivation towards their academic, the student will highly perform well in
studies using their ability with changing techniques studies which will be
useful for the academic performance level. Moreover, an important factor of
locus of control is by performing any work that determined by on a schedule
work. For instances, the locus of control the state of mind that provides
benefits towards the students and professionals. A research has been identified
to show a positive significant relationship among locus of control and academic
performance. For an example male have more locus of control than females. Locus
of control have strongly influence on academic performance of students because
locus of control based motivation when students have motivational attributes
they perform well in their studies it can also be helpful by class room
environment is due to external locus of control. Internal or external locus of
control plays an important role for students to assists the desired results and
useful of learning performance. The knowledge and experiences gained by the
students through organizational learning is one the factor which helps increasing
the student performance in academic. Furthermore the implications for teaching
in the locus of control as teaching is tasks series of learning experiences.
Teaching activities is conducted for students to learn a lesson related with
their academic. For instances planned
learning periods are prepared for students to learn. Learning may sometimes be
only a transfer of information and in the manner that contributes to the
student’s emotional and social development (Güngör, 2006). It is necessary to
assess to what extent learning has occurred. The qualities of a good assessment
can be evaluate by the teacher according to the student’s academic success. For
an example students should be provided self-assessment activities which assist
in planning and applying in their academic studies. These assessment method
will give student develop students communication skills, behavioral skills,
conceptual learning which will be the characteristics to measure performance
and ability of the students. For an example new information is obtained,
creation throughout the organization, shared vision is developed and producing
proper learning conditions are highly important in learning organizations
Bayraktaro?lu and Kutanis (2003)


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