The Superstring Mystery — Theory Of Everything?

In 1979 two scientists met at The Center for Nuclear Research (CERN). These
men’s names are Michael Green and John Schwarz. John Schwarz had been
working on the Theory of Superstrings/ Theory of Everything. Michael Green
the younger of the two men was studying all research that he could get his
hands on, and was fascinated by the Theory. John Schwarz who had been tired
of the Theory of Superstrings and the Theory of Everything in 1974 saw a new
passion and new data that would be the fuel for Michael and his own
research. Very few other scientists wanted to become involved in the
Theories and left the Theories to the two men. Green and Schwarz found this
perfectly acceptable, because they would now be receiving all credit for
their work.

The Old Paradigm is that the universe is made up of protons, neutrons, and
electrons. The New Paradigm states that the universe is not made up of
protons, neutrons, and electrons but rather tiny Superstrings that vibrate
at specific frequencies. ( Like a guitar string.)
Using complicated formula’s such as E8 X E8 divides in two, in the Big Bang
and creates two identical universes E8 and E8 shadow, this allows the theory
to explain the four forces of nature, and it even indicates a universe of
“shadow matter” that exists in a parallel to our own. The theory also
suggests that our universe evolved out of a higher dimensional space during
the first instances of the Big Bang. What this means is that during the Big
Bang there was an escape of particles and a whole lot of other stuff that
created our universe. This
‘Stuff’ that escaped from the ‘bag’ was only half of the equation. This
acting like twins, or as called earlier a parallel universe that in theory
is the same as our own. Evident resistance to the Superstring and Theory of
Everything is the fact that the money needed to build a machine
(Relativistic Klystron Two Beam Accelerator) that will be able to produce
enough energy as at the beginning of creation is near impossible. The coming
of a machine as the RK/TBA may present the last thinkable experiment of this
sort carried out by scientists. The faith that physicists have that the goal
is within reach, is only based on the beauty of their Superstrings Theories.

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Should the building of the RK/TBA succeed in producing the energies the
scientists are intending it to, then it will be decided whether the
physicists will find; everything or nothing.

The greatest impact that The Superstring Theories will have on society as a
whole will be a number of things, such as; knowing that we are no longer
alone in the universe and that there may be some other kind of intelligent
life that we may be able to interact with. Also, we may very well be able to
create tiny universes of our own. How you ask, well if we can create or
duplicate the amount of energy needed to create our universe than there may
be a way to create another universe using that technology.

Peat, David F. Superstrings, Search for a Theory of Everything.Contemporary
Books Inc..Chicago.1988.



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