The sufferers are male – compared with 10%

The media has a significant influence on our personal
perceptions of beauty, leading to a decrease in self-esteem and a large
increase in eating disorders and anorexia, as well as a rise in demand for
cosmetic surgery. It has a profound impact on us as a society, despite not
being able to recognise how and when it does, it has a thorough effect on many
women and the way that they perceive themselves and their bodies. However, it
could be argued that in recent years, body image has also had a significant
impact on males and the way that they visualise a ‘real man’s’ body, with
experts suggesting that 40% of binge eaters and a quarter of anorexia and
bulimia sufferers are male – compared with 10% a decade ago. Along with the
rise in so-called “manorexia” is the body dysmorphic condition of
“bigorexia” – men who become more muscle-bound in their obsessive
pursuit of the perfect six-pack body. As a young member of the society, I am
profoundly influenced by this debate and I would like to investigate the
evidence within this issue further.


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