The still are learning more about the disease


 The brain degenerative disease of
CTE is becoming an epidemic in the NFL. The disease is found
mostly in retired profession football players and a direct result of repetitive
brain trauma. A protein by the name of Tau forms in clumps that
spread throughout the brain, killing brain cells. Although the disease doesn’t
affect all retired athletes, the disease still has an alarming amount of
diagnoses and is now a huge problem in the league. CTE is an epidemic because
it isn’t fully detectable until the person with the disease has passed away.
More funds directly from the NFL must be allocated to the research groups for
more ways to diagnose the disease earlier and to be able to find new ways to help
decrease frequent head trauma in the league. 

            All athletes
have one particular thing in common: the risk of nursing a concussion due to
playing their particular sport. It’s nearly unfeasible to go a whole entire
season without an athlete from a team experience a concussion. The more that
these concussions are researched and studied, the more we know about them, such
as their injurious impacts on athletes. Due to the risk of health problems and
demise that come with concussions, doctors, athletic trainer, coaches, and lawmakers
are beginning to intervene to safeguard athletes of all levels from getting

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football being a major problem leading all sports on account of concussions
there is a reason for worry in this issue I can concur. With concussions
happening at the rate in which they do and once in a while going undiscovered
because of players not advising coaches it begins to end up plainly perilous
and hazardous. Concussions can be noticeably deadly because of Second Impact
Disorder which happens when the brain becomes inflamed quickly following a player
suffering a concussion before the manifestations of a prior concussion subsides.
This is caused by a competitor being cleared to play by a coach or specialist
rashly and can significantly expand odds of creating CTE Sometime down the line.

Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy in itself sounds
terrifying, but not nearly as frightening as what it does to the brain.
Being that it’s a degenerative brain disease you can imagine some of
the symptoms but with an unusual amount of retired athletes deaths coming
from suicide, scientists still are learning more about the disease & how
it works. With symptoms nearly identical to Alzheimer’s Disease,
ranging from short-term memory loss, confusion, and dementia to emotional
instability, depression, and impulse behavior.
According to the Concussion Legacy Foundation the disease
causes the brain to deteriorate over years and will end up losing mass but
symptoms generally don’t start until years after the onset of
head injuries. CTE can be seen as a ticking time bomb in the brain
and will eventually ravage the mental state of anyone with the disease.  


The main factors of CTE
include reduced brain size, with an atrophy of the frontal and temporal
cortexes and the medial temporal lobe. Some cases of CTE resemble?ALS,
mostly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. As of today, the risk factors
for CTE remain unknown, but it seems in some former athletes involved in
frequent contact sports, such as football, and boxing. CTE
was discovered during the 1930s among former
boxers. Between the years of 2008 and 2010, twelve former NFL
players chose to donate their brains to research
centers for postmortem evaluation, and each of which
showed evidence of CTE. By
December 2012, 33 former NFL players were diagnosed with post-mortem
chronic traumatic encephalopathy. Some former NFL players have
committed suicide & most of their brains were diagnosed
with different stages of CTE. 

Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy has become such an
issue as of today due to the increase in awareness. There has been more
coverage on the issue of helmet to helmet contact & how to make it as low
of an occurrence as possible, but still concussions are quite frequent in
football. A concussion is a stretching of brain tissue and tearing
nerves due to direct hits to the head or any blunt contact the makes the head
snap. With concussions being as frequent as they are but pretty tough to
diagnose makes the issue even more of a priority. According to Dr. Thomas
Goodwin, a sports medicine specialist, says concussions are the most
difficult injuries doctors have to work with. But with time diagnoses
are improving, thanks to years & years of research with professional


One specific injury that can be exceptionally harming are
traumatic head injuries that numerous athletes have had throughout the years.
Despite the fact that the players wear defensive apparatus the protective cap does
not completely stop concussions from happening. Constant hard hits to the head
turns into a quiet coordinated bomb prepared to detonate. Each hit can and
could in the long run prompt a blackout that can likewise lead the athlete down
an extremely risky road with reverberating impacts further down the line.
According to Bill Simpson “Simple physics says the head moves when the
body is struck, and the heavier the head, the more it travels. The brain is the
passenger.” It is very unfortunate that they can’t detect CTE while the athlete
is alive. The athlete must succumb to death before they could find out if they
had CTE by completing an autopsy. 


large portion of the players that have gone to the NFL have played football in
their secondary schools and in school. Football for some, men influences their
greatest dreams to work out as expected. They get an extensive pay for playing
football. Some additionally acquire notoriety and fortune by supports and
furthermore have film parts too. The players could help their friends and
family by dealing with their families, companions and groups. Presently to me
that sounds like the life; be that as it may, when you take a gander at the
great and awful sides of the aggregate picture there is a dull side. Envision
playing two hundred and fifty amusements inside the year. In each diversion you
are getting hit, tossed down to the ground, pushed, and kept running into.
Envision with each jar to the body, you are liable to extreme wellbeing risks,
for example, head, neck and back wounds, blackouts, cracks to the body, inward
organ harm, and obscured vision just to give some examples. You may ask in what
capacity can these things transpire. Haven’t their bodies been molded to play
this physical game? Indeed, they have been. They are prepared experts to deal
with this activity yet there are no ensures that they won’t get hurt.

CTE is a silent killer because it can only be diagnosed
after a person has died. However, there are significant signs that may help a
physician to see the possible beginning stages of CTE. According to The Boston
University Medical Center as this time bomb gets ready to blow the
athletes sometimes go through neurobehavioral problems, behavioral problems or
mood swings, depression, short term memory, dementia, disability of the
person’s decisions and doing daily task as well as memory loss. It could also
impair a person’s motor skills. Even though there is no cure for CTE the person
with the possible signs of CTE can be told that this is what is going on inside
of them. They can also notify the family members as well. This way the family
can be aware and could possibly assist them on a daily basis. Unfortunately,
the only way they could perform any study relating to CTE would be after the
football player’s death and during an autopsy.  


According to ESPN outside the lines there are nine
players that had signs of the systems of CTE. The nine other players wanted to
be tested because they could possibly have CTE. Some of the players that were
tested were Tony Dorsett of the Denver Broncos and Joe Delamielleure of the
Buffalo Bills. Researchers from UCLA tested the nine ex NFL players to see if
they had signs of CTE by conducting a brain scan.
It was determined that they had a protein within their brain that the scan
picked up. They now have other athletes wanting to be tested as well. Each
person being tested requested this test on their own and will not get any
compensation for volunteering to be tested.  


This is not the only sport that head injuries occur.
According to the Daily Mail “Ryan Freel of the Cincinnati Reds
Baseball team and Patrick Grange of a Mexican soccer team were diagnosed with
CTE because both men had severe brain damage.” Wrestling, Car Racing, boxing,
soccer and hockey can also have CTE as well due to how they play in their area
of expertise. Let’s look at the wrestling world. Chris Benoit was a
professional wrestler who traveled the world and his job was to entertain
people by fighting other wrestlers in the ring. I used to be a WWE fan. I would
see the work and effort it took just on TV to wrestle. When looking at the show
you could see that even though they may have been coached on how to wrestle
they took many falls and used many props that were used against the bodies and
over the head which could have made the wrestler have many concussions. These
concussions could have been a determining factor in why he killed his family
and killed himself.  


Even though people believed that the reason he killed his
family and himself was due to a drug problem I believe otherwise. I believe
that he had CTE. According to ABC Nightline, Binot’s father
allowed the doctors to examine his brain. They found that he had extensive
brain damage due to head injuries. He had neuro-behavioral syndrome. Binot’s diagnosis has
been compared to Mike Webster of the Pittsburgh Steelers. According to ESPN
NFL “Mike Webster suffered from dementia, depression and neurological
disorders which were caused by repeated head trauma”. “The NFL recognizes that
there is a problem especially with head injuries. They have added new rules if
there are any head injuries on the field. It is now illegal to hit NFL players
with your helmet. The NFL now are suspending players that uses their helmet to
hit the head or neck areas.  

football leading all sports in the case of concussions there is a cause for
concern in this issue I can agree. With concussions occurring at the rate in
which they do & sometimes going undiagnosed due to athletes not telling
trainers it starts to become dangerous & life threatening. Concussions can
become fatal due to Second Impact Syndrome which occurs when the brain becomes
inflamed rapidly after a person suffers a second concussion before the symptoms
of an earlier concussion disperses. This is caused by an athlete being cleared
to play by a trainer or doctor prematurely & can greatly increase chances
of developing CTE Later in life.

In conclusion, even
though football is a great sport and brings many men together to form a great
bond I believe that there should be more done to protect each player. I believe
that there should be some padding placed inside the helmet that protects the
athletes’ head. The NFL has added new rules when players use certain hits
on the field. Now the players are receiving large fines as well as being
suspended for a certain amount of games decided by the NFL when they see
hard hits on the turf. The players can receive high fines as well as yardage
penalties because of the way they hit other players I know that there are
doctors on the field when the players get hurt but it should also be some type
of check out and check in area for each player to see if everything is ok with
them before playing the game and after playing a game.  



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