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The Elements of Moral Philosophy’s fourthchapter is showing about relationships between the morality and religion.

Atthe first, the book show story of Judge Roy Moore of Gadsden. He was sued byACLU because he displayed the Ten Commandments in his courtroom, but the peoplewere behind him. He was putting God above the law, so he was called by “TenCommandments judge” in Alabama. As you can see, America is a religious country.

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More than 80% of Americans believe in God and most of them are Christian. And in the United States, Christian clergy are known as moralexperts. But in this chapter, it isquestioned whether it is right.

Many beliefs based on God believe that we must obey God’srules. God does not compel them, but he is guilty of those who do not keep. Itcan solve the problems of ethical objectivity.

But there are some problems. Atfirst, people who don’t trust God will not accept the God’s rules. Then next,they think “right” can be defined as “what the gods command.” As for theproblems, the book proves it with famous people such as Socrates andShakespeare. That is not to say, however, that this is completely contradictory.Because I’m also talking about the disadvantages of the second option.The dominant theory of ethics isn’t the divine commandtheory when Christian says.

That will be the theory of natural law. The theorycan be separate by three parts. At the first, the theory depends on the worldview. This means that, as Aristotle said, “belongs to the class of causes whichact for the sake of something.” Then the laws of nature explain not only howobjects must exist, but also how things should be. So, some of the actions of aperson are natural and others are unnatural.

At last, the book treats thequestion of moral knowledge. Through this, it supports the view that the lawknows the best reason to act or what is right. Finally, this book talks about Christianity and Catholicthinking about abortion.

They regarded abortion as a murderer, and from themoment they regarded the conception as a person in the stomach. But recently Ihave also given examples of changes in their claims. After all, what I want tosay in this book is that the position of the modern church is wrong, butreligious beliefs can sometimes affect moral problems.


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