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The problem that I thought science have a solution for is the “Traffic accident”.  Because in this world, there is a lot of traffic accidents caused by looking aside while driving, not doing a safety check, and aimless driving. This problem occurs because of the driver. For instance, In Kyoto Japan, there was the car accident that 3 years old girl has died. The car was leaving the car park and attacked her during she was running on the sidewalk. The driver did not check the front and side because she needed to hurry. It means the driver was careless, so she needs more care about surroundings. (23:40. 1. 9. 2018) Also, In Osaka Japan, there was also had the car accident the car run over the woman who was riding the bicycle then she got serious wound. The car was running away but after hours,  the police caught the driver. A driver said, “I did not perceive it”. This driver also negligent then made an accident. (23:03. 1. 10. 2018) Moreover, In 2013, about 1250000 people had or met car accident in this world. Therefore, this is a problem that should be fixed.The solution to this problem is making a safety device car to prevent car accidents. This solution works with 5 systems and there is 2 part of techniques which prevents the accident way and when the accident happened way. The prevents the accident systems are Brake assist, A proximity notification device,  Visual information surrounding the car device and Traction control system. Then,  when the accident happened system are Walking disturbance reduction bodyboard,  the high strength body and Airbag.Firstly, prevents the accidents way is the Brake assist is if you feel danger and step on a break and the force is not enough, the car makes the break stronger instead of the driver. And, A proximity notification device is a car with an engine that has quiet sounds automatically sounds at low speed and informs the people that car is near to you. The traction control system is prevents slipping of the tire, which occurs when the car is accelerated rapidly on a slippery road surface. Then, the visual information surrounding the car device is the around of the car that the driver can not confirm immediately can be displayed on the screen in the car using the camera attached to the car. For when the accident happened way are the walking disturbance reduction, bodyboard is when a pedestrian and a car collide, in order to reduce damage to pedestrians, so process bumpers, and hoods, etc to make the impact soften. The airbag is when the car collides with you a bit, a balloon-like muzzle pops out and prevents a face or chest from hitting a hand. Finally, the high strength body is going to be strong in the space where people ride, it is becoming a structure that is hard to break. The person who is using the safety device car said “If I do not step on the brake, sudden braking will operate while tightening the seat belt., And, this radar has a function to keep track of the distance between the cars, tracking according to the speed of the car in front. There is also a function of a lane key that allows you to drive away from the accelerator pedal but this person feels worried about this device.” Moreover, other person said “My car attack to the Sports utility vehicle but my car had safety device so both drivers save their life.” This device saves people’s life and protects us from the traffic accident.Next, this solution is benefits for solving the problem and there is a factor which is advantages for Health. Firstly, this solution is major health effects associated to become fewer injury people and saves people’s lives because safety device protects people from the accident and warning us for using safety drive. The field of health is development because in Japan, many Japanese using the safety device car to protect their body. But scientists are still thinking to make a new safety device to protect people and save their lives. However, there is also has damage for solving the problem which is Economic. The Safety devices car is expensive than no Safety device car. The cost of Safety devices car (Nissan) is 25769.8584 US Dollar (9. 1. 2018). Then, the cost of no Safety device car (Toyota)is 15906.4884 US Dollar(9. 1. 2018). The difference between Safety Device car and no safety device car is 9863.37 US dollar to Safety device car is expensive than no Safety device car. As a result, we need to solve the problem which is “Traffic accident” to less damaged people by the accident. For that reason, we need to make a safety driverless car that I gave the solution to prevent the accident. Then, people can safety to live in their city and accident become less than before.


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