The Resource Management Professor: Timothy KotowichStudents: Joseph Joy

  The Statement of Purpose:The use of Social Media in recruitment and career development        Course: Human Resource Management Professor: Timothy KotowichStudents: Joseph Joy GopuranRaghuveer Murali ChakravarthyAkhan Yessenov    Abstract The purpose of this group presentation is to define how social media can be used as a recruitment tool. Show the main aspects of World Wide Web, Web 2.0 and the ways how it works.The presentation will be based on the previous researches and studies. Moreover, our group will provide the examples of companies which use this type of recruitment and how candidates can develop their social media profiles in order to be successful. Introduction After the seventeen years of establishing the World Wide Web(WWW), it has changed from the tool for scientists to the global information system with more than three billion users. Nowadays people use Web 2.0, which is the second stage of WWW development, characterized by the amendment from static websites to dynamic or user-specific content and thereby enabling the growth of social media. The term “Web2.0” was created by Tim O’Reilly and Dale Dougherty in late 2004.  Social Networking websites are internet based platforms which allow registered users to post information about themselves and communicate with each other, establishing social ties. The content on these websites is created directly by users. All users of the social network have the opportunity to communicate directly with each other, without using additional tools, for example, e-mail or messengers, comment on entries, expressing your opinion. Also, the social network has tools for creating communities of interest, where communication takes place in narrower circles.  Web 2.0 websites include such websites as:   1. Facebook2. LinkedIn3. Xing4. Glassdoor5. Google+6. Twitter7. Instagram8. AngelList9. CompanyLoop10. Konnects   The use of Social Media in recruitment Today the social network is not about sharing pictures, music,and chatting. It provides people the ability to develop the professional career. Social media today plays one of the main roles in the world of work and on job markets. It rapidly changed the strategies of hiring workers in many big companies.  Social Media platforms provide companies the ability to hunt for their ideal recruit and can be used as a tool in order to retain the best talent pool. Moreover, these websites help the employees find the most attractive and suitable workplace and after can boost the career growth of the employee. It can be done different ways: • Create and manage profiles, applications, pages and groups• Alumni Network• Creating User Value Specified Content• Encourage Employee Value Proposition (EVP) Social Media recruitment from the employers’ perspective The studies showed that more than 90 percent of employers prefer social media in order to hire employees. They keep an eye and analyze the social media profiles of candidates as selection factors. Thereafter, social media becomes one of the main aspects for candidates in order to be hired. Social Media recruitment from the candidates’ perspective Social networks provide the information about employment opportunities and trends in your field of interest. It helps candidates to be informed of the things that can help to boost their career. The potential employee should carefully go through the social media websites to inherit information regarding the work/life balance of the company.  Conclusion  Social media has sharply changed the world of work. It provides the opportunity to employers in the form of gaining the best recruitment methods. Web 2.0 creates the best conditions that allow recruiters and employers to work together to use the advantage of social media hiring.Moreover, social media helps the candidates to get more information about the job opportunities, companies, and their politics, also it helps to communicate with recruiters. There is no doubt that social media helped to develop better strategies for the recruitment process by making it more open and democratic. Purpose Main goals of our presentation: • Introduce to the audience the use of Web 2.0• To show how Social Media recruitment changed the nature of recruitment• To show how companies use the advantages of Web 2.0• Present Social Media websites and how they work• To show how candidates should use Social Media websites• To show how Social media websites can be used in order to develop the career• Explain how employers can use the Social Media 


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