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The Electoral College The Electoral College is a widely debated topic within the election of a United States president. Created during the earliest era of the nation, the Electoral College allows for direct elections while being through Congress. It serves as a counteraction to the popular vote by evening the playing field and allowing for smaller and less populated states to have an equal voice. While oftenly opposed by many people, it is said to be unfair by allowing a winner take all basis; although this, Electoral College motivates citizens to vote due to this. The Electoral College may have its oppositions, but its effectiveness remains in tact by acting as a checks and balances system within the presidential election by giving rural areas more power and countering the bias of the popular vote. The Electoral College has served as a beneficial apparatus to the United States within the election process by counteracting the excess power that highly populated states such as New York and California possess.

With the popular vote focussing on civilized areas of the country, the Electoral College requires candidates to campaign throughout the country to both the rural and populated areas. With each state having a given number of electoral votes, no one state can win or lose the election. It requires the winning of larger and smaller states to win the election. This incorporates the cooperation and participation of every state. The electoral college prohibits the use of solely a popular vote system.

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With an election depending solely on popular vote, no candidate will ever receive a majority. Due to third party candidates taking some portion of the vote as well as the other major party, this would lead to a strong two party system that would lead to flip flopping of power. Additionally, the eElectoral cCollege was put in place to stop from a majority uprising that would mess everything up by putting a check on the people, there can be some regulation. Without the Electoral College, the nation would elect solely by popular vote, which some argue in favor of with the reasoning that the Electoral College ignores the will of the people. This would allow candidates to only campaign the higher populated states and ignore the primarily uninhabited states. States such as Pennsylvania that vote predominately one way would provide and large advantage to candidates that are a representation of that states views.

The popular vote would allow the election to be swayed with this by providing countless votes to that candidate. The system is designed to give equal more power to the smaller states, such as RI, IA, DE rather than giving all the power to larger states like CA or NY. People’s opinions are often influenced by their background. As a result, people in NY and CA often vote the same way. The electoral college gives the right to the ones who live in rural areas like Iowa or Delaware to make their votes count. Therefore, the election result is still to the will of the people.

Electoral College opponents argue that the system pushes candidates to ignore states that Republicans or Democrats consider sure things and focus on a dozen battleground states during the campaigns. But Tuesday’s election showed that the Electoral College map is more fluid than many people believed. Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, considered reliably Democratic, swung Republican. The Electoral College has become a highly active topic amongst the United States recently. Being implemented by the founding fathers, the college is an effective method that takes into account both the population and number of states. With many people opposing the continuation of the Electoral College, they believe its lacks full representation of the people, this is inaccurate because it brings more influence to those that lack a voice within the popular vote, maintaining an effective stand on the presidential election. The Electoral College has been in effect since the founding of the nation and with this it was designed to represent its people effectively, therefore it should be maintained due to it continuously influencing the presidential election with a fair and and efficient standard of voting.


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