The people in developing countries, it could be

The system model of 5G is entirely IP based model
designed for the wireless and mobile networks. The above image is the
diagrammatic representation of the 5G technology which will cover all the
previous technologies i. e. 2G, 3G, 4G etc.


The system comprising of a main user terminal and then a
number of independent and autonomous radio access technologies. Each of the
radio technologies is considered as the IP link for the outside internet world.
The IP technology is designed exclusively to ensure sufficient control data for
appropriate routing of IP packets related to a certain application connections
i.e. sessions between client applications and servers somewhere on the
Internet. Moreover, to make accessible routing of packets should be fixed in
accordance with the given policies of the user.

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Normally, it is expected that the time period required for
the 5G technology development and its implementation is about five years more
from now (by 2020). But to becoming usable for the common people in developing
countries, it could be even more.

By considering the multiple utility and various fashionable
salient features, researchers are anticipating that this technology will be in
use until 2040s.


of the significant applications are :

It will make unified
global standard for all.

Network availability
will be everywhere and will facilitate people to use their computer and such
kind of mobile devices anywhere anytime.

Because of the IPv6
technology, visiting care of mobile IP address will be assigned as per the
connected network and geographical position.

Its cognitive radio
technology will facilitate different version of radio technologies to share the
same spectrum efficiently.

Its application will
facilitate people to avail radio signal at higher altitude as well.

comparison to previous radio technologies, 5G has following advancement:

Practically possible to avail the super speed i.e. 1
to 10 Gbps.
1,000x bandwidth per unit area.
Feasibility to connect 10 to 100 number of devices.
Worldwide coverage.
About 90% reduction in network energy usage.
Battery life will be much longer.









to 5G

Why Reliance Communication should jump directly to 5G
from 3G and do not waste time in 4G technology?


Frequency: 1.6
-2.0 GHz


Digital broadband, increased speed


Capacity (data
rate): 144kbps –2Mbps


Video calls


3G phones
rather expensive



Frequency- 3 to
300 GHz

Capacity (data rate):

From X (2020)
to Y (2030)

High speed and
capacity Faster data trasmission than 4G



Voice streaming

Buckle up..

More efficient




The frequency allocation of 5G is more than 3G.

Also the data rate capacity of 5G is greater than 3G and
4G which will help to transfer large data at once.

The 3G and 4G supports video calls but 5G can support
Interactive media, voice streaming and is more efficient than others.

So to go to 5G from 3G, Reliance Commuication do not have
to waste money in 4G technology because all the functions are covered in 5G.
And the installation of 5G is less expensive but it only requires large number
of towers to transmit the signal.

To apply all the changes Reliance Communication have to
participate in the next spectrum allocation program and buy the possible number
of spectrum to launch the 5G technology, because 5G requires highest range of
frequency to operate.


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