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The camping trip and being outside in the environment was very relaxing and calming after all the changes that being a secondary school student and spending most of my time in school brought. It was delightful to get away from all the studying and projects even for just a few days. I enjoyed two specific parts of the whole camp. The first was canoeing because it was my first time riding on a canoe. I was initially afraid that I would capsize but our camp facilitators reassured us that we have less than one percent of capsizing, which I was extremely thankful for. We canoed around the Pandan Reservoir and played mini games with each other while on the canoe. My favourite part was when we splashed water on each other as punishment for losing the game. The other part I enjoyed was when we snuck into each others’ tents at night and just told different stories and played card games. We played UNO and got to know each other better. Since not all of us were familiar with each other, it was indeed fun to familiarise ourselves with each other by the stories we told and our mutual love for nature. I like that we went trekking to see the different ways that we interact with our environment. It was very saddening to see a lot of trash around the forest. There were many plastic bottles, lost equipment and random items lying around and polluting the whole area. With the leaves in all different shades of green, you could really see how peaceful the undisturbed natural beauty of the limited number of forests we have here in Singapore was despite the pollution all around. It also made me wonder what other stunning and tranquil places were destroyed in order to build the culture we live in now. Being away from the routine of everyday life and getting to experience nothing but nature is something that I extremely treasured and discovered I loved doing. In the future, I will definitely continue to go on such expeditions around the world.


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