The like the adults. Long gone are those

The kids are day by day growing smarter and have a great
sense of fashion like the adults. Long gone are those days when children
obediently wear and adorn themselves with clothes and accessories bought for
them by their parents. They have developed their unique taste and choice of
clothing and other fashion accessories like watches, belts, and others. The
latest addition to the Walt Disney series i.e. Disney Mickey Mouse Watch by AM: PM is one watch that fits well
into the criteria of every child’s definition of being trendy and cool. The
watch is fairly priced and certainly does not put any budgetary pressure on the
parents. They can grab this cool watch at just $80.00 on Amazon to bring a
radiant smile on their child’s face.

This unisex watch is the best way to reflect a kid’s unique
traits to the entire world. The celebrated Disney Character Mickey rules the
mind and heart of every kid and with this watch; they get a chance to flaunt
their lovable Mickey on their wrists. The CEO of the company AM: PM says
proudly that their creations are matchless and one-of-a-kind. The company
further claimed that their Disney Collection is a Magical world that kids will
love to experience. The exact quotation goes like this, “The collection
encompasses a series of licensed watches featuring a whole host of well-known
Disney film characters, including Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Frozen, Disney
Princess, Cars and Soy Luna. KIDS of ever y style: if you like casual style, an
original design for your gadgets and enjoy following new trends, these watches
are for you! Select, change and impress!”

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The kids will be extremely fascinated on receiving this
watch as a birthday present because their beloved Mickey will be not only
behind the TV screen but also on their wristwatch. The dial is bordered
elegantly with glossy steel and the strap of the watch is made of genuine
silicone which provides ultimate comfort to its wearer. The Aqua blue strap and
multi-colored Mickey designed at the center of the dial are the reason behind
grabbing all the eyeballs.  The Mickey’s
cute hands function as the clock hands in this analog watch, which is just like
an icing on the cake. The watch is water-resistant up to 50 m and hence its
durability and longevity can’t be questioned at all. Moreover, Asurion is
providing a comprehensive 2-year Amazon warranty on its every purchase, which
further assures the buyer about the product quality and performance.


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