The Lebanese people, which is caused by many

The purpose of this project is to
elaborate the method used by news providers to affect the way we perceive daily
news and make it less stressful. This subject was inspired by the stress that
we can obviously notice in the lifestyle of Lebanese people, which is caused by
many factors and trying to deal with each one is something essential, but the
best way to start good and healthy living is by starting with the biggest
problem we’re dealing with, especially for those young adults (age around 18
and 30) since in this age they make decisions and expand their critical
thinking in their way from mature adolescents to adulthood.

In this case, a questionnaire was distributed
to our target audience, to manage in the first place the stress source that we
need to deal with, after collecting the results; this project sharpened.

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The second highest score source of
stress turned up to be the “News stress” which is also according to many
studies has many negative impacts on the psychological side including anxiety,
stress and brain damage.

A second survey has been organized
to clear things up and realized how the future of the news is going to be on
social media since most of the participants receive their daily news this way
already there is also an article on website explaining the reasons
why the future of news is on social media.

They also suggested solving the
problem with illustrating and designing, by relaxing our eyes on designs we decrease
the focus on dramatic subjects, since not everyone can stand blood scenes, children
abuse, and every violent scene can have a bad influence on the audience which
increases the criminal thoughts and acts in the society; If they don’t have to
see it then there’s no need to it.


Also complaining from the long news,
and how bad that each channel has its own political view which is also the case
here in Lebanon, this affects the objectivity of each broadcast.


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