Eng messenger to the gods. Iris was

Eng 111July 8, 2004In my life I have discovered two beautiful flowers that grow in mygarden. Both the iris and the rose are planted in my backyard garden. Whilethe iris is exotic and dazzling in color, the roses are beautifullyromantic and inviting to the eye.In history the Persian poet Hafiz called the rose “a beauty spot onthe cheek of the world”. During the Middle Ages, the rose was a symbol ofthe Resurrection and the Virgin Mary. Pope Hadrian / had placed roses overhis confessional as a joyful symbol of silence. The iris was the goddess ofthe rainbow and a messenger to the gods.

Iris was shuttled between havenand earth atop colorful arcs. Whenever she stepped on earth, iris flowerssprang up in all the hues of the rainbow.Roses are sweetly scented. The colors and sizes of the roses areexquisite.

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The rose is a very delicate flower; that comes in a wide varietyof colors, ranging from pure white through yellow, pink and orange to red.Roses can have two or more colors blended together. My preference is thered rose, the pink, the white and the yellow. Irises come in virtuallyevery color in the world, sky blue to the deepest ocean blues, blazingcoppers, radiant red, saffron yellows, and soft rosy pink. There are alsothe innumerable color combinations, multihued beauties, contrasting beards,and other unique patterns.The rose petals form a distinctive raised cone shape.

Roses arestraight-stem and upright growing in the garden. Each stems bears only onerose. The iris has six petals. The three inner petals point up and arecalled standards. The three outer petals of the irises are called falls.

The beards are the hairs that grow in the center of the falls. The gray-green leaves are long, flat and pointed, and overlap almost like a fan.In my garden both of the flowers were planted close togetherbecause of their uniqueness. Through storms and drought, insects andanimals, they grow facing the sun. I also plant other flowers in my garden.

I have mixed grand iris, playful daisies, lush lilacs, tender baby’s breathand roses. Each summer the flowers make a majestic spray on my dining roomtable.


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