The Imagery Of Blood In Macbeth

Imagery Of Blood ‘MacBeth’, the dramatic play written by William
Shakespeare has many good examples of imagery, especially blood. The play
opens with the weird sisters talking about meeting again and talking about
MacBeth. A war has just ended, making MacBeth a Brave hero because he is
the general of the Scottish army and they won. MacBeth is the thane of
Glamis, and then becomes the Thane of Cawdor. The weird sisters make
many predictions to Macbeth, all of which come true. MacBeth makes the last
prediction come true by killing King Duncan. The imagery of blood is very
important in ‘MacBeth’. It symbolizes honor and bravery and also deceit and
evil. In the beginning of the play blood is something of honor and bravery and
symbolizes good and victory. The blood on MacBeth’s sword after the war
shows him to be a brave hero because of the enemy he killed. He is known as
“Brave MacBeth” to everyone including King Duncan. His bravery earns him
the title of Thane of Cawdor, because the thane of Cawdor was executed for
treason. The blood at the beginning of the play earns MacBeth respect and a
title. MacBeth is feeling very guilty about the murder of King Duncan and
Banquo. ” With all great Neptune’s ocean wash this blood clean from my
hand? No, this my hand will rather the multitudinous seas in carnadine, making
the green one red”, shows the great guilt that blood represents at this point in
the play. What MacBeth means is that with all of the water in the ocean could
not wash his hands clean from the deed he has just done. If he where to try
and wash his hands in the ocean it would turn it red because there is so much
blood on his hands. Not only does MacBeth feel guilty about the Murder of
King Duncan but he also feels very guilty about the murder of Banquo. He
sees Banquo’s ghost and his bloody head. Blood represents a lot of guilt for
Lady MacBeth near the end of the play. During the play Lady MacBeth is the
one who tries to keep MacBeth sane and keep from breaking. She tells him
that he is not a man and things around that nature to try and help he be
stronger and stay in control about the murder of King Duncan. Lady MacBeth
seems to be fine about the whole thing, not showing any sign of remorse or
guilt until near the end when she sleep walks and tells the story of the murder.

She continually washes her hands, “What, will these hands never be clean”,
she says during her sleepwalk. “Here’s the smell of blood still. All the
perfumes of Arabia could not sweeten this little hand”. Again showing the
imagery of blood used as guilt. The imagery of blood is used in two different
views. One of good and the other of evil. In the beginning of the play blood is
shown as honor and bravery and to wards the end it is shown as guilt and
bad. MacBeth makes the predictions of the weird sisters come true, and that
is how the problems started. MacBeth got too greedy and wanted too much
power, which led to his downfall. William Shakespeare uses imagery very well
in “MacBeth”; Blood was one of the most important in the beginning and end
of the play.

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