The ideal skin tone, pale or white that

The world has become increasingly interconnected
through globalization, people have become more connect to people that come from
various back grounds and places as ideas, values and beliefs are exchanged.
Cultural globalization refers to such exchanges but in the sense of common
consumption of cultures that are distributed through the internet, popular
media and international travel. Beauty standards between the West and East are
different in various ways such as in regards to skin. Skin Whitening/Bleaching
is common throughout the world though primarily in populations that are darker
skinned or those that are not white in Asia, Africa and South America, who wish
to achieve white skin. Tanning is the opposite of skin whitening/bleaching as
it is the practice of darkling the skin to reach as sun kissed look which is
considered beautiful in the West in places such as the United States.

Skin Whitening or Bleaching is the practice of using
bleaching agents to alter one’s skin color into a lighter tone. It is a wide
spread phenomenon that is seen across the globe and the practice has been
regularly used by Africans and Asians for decades. Though it has extended
beyond their respective continents and has reached places such Jamaica and
parts of South America.  However, while it
has been traditional a female practice, in recent years it has become more popular
amongst men.  Though people that use skin
bleaching products use them for a variety of reasons. Such bleaching products include
soaps, injections, capsules/pills and are widely used in cosmetics. One reason that
people bleach their skin is to treat dermatological conditions such as
hyperpigmentation melisma; which is a tan or dark discoloration of the skin,
amongst others. The other reason is to improve opportunities for themselves in
employment and marriage as well as to try to reach the ideal skin tone, pale or
white that has been widely spread through media. Also the need to use such
products are driven by the belief that lighter skin tone is more prestigious,
such belief has caused an increasing in consumption of these products within
and between racial and ethnic groups.

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