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The utilization of fragments, splicing pictures, and the reinterpretation of designs are rather profound techniques. When applying these techniques with the concept of creating collages and free flowing mixed media, the contemporary ideals of a typical collage becomes re envisioned. Arturo Herrera is a prime example of an artist, who utilizes these techniques when creating collages with inspiration from cartoons. Herrera explores the concept of fusing the presumption of  innocence associated with cartoon characters and implementing a dark perspective to allow the viewer to interpret the cartoon with a more provocative and open-ended style of imagery (Art21). Typically Herrera’s pieces are displayed in a tangled form or stretched across buildings. Arturo Herrera was born in 1959 in Caracas,Venezuela. He earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Tulsa before gaining a Masters in Fine Arts from the University of Illinois in Chicago, Illinois (Art21). He has been known as an artist that focuses in on the intricacy of abstract compositions. A common theme in Arturo Herrera’s work has been claimed to contain features that are synonymous with that of Jackson Pollock and  Pablo Picasso (Artsy). A prime example from Arturo’s work  would be the Green Water Cave (2004-2015). In this mixed-media piece, the lines have a culmination of free-flowing structure and dripping methods with a contrast to the mysteriously green background. This could have attributes of Jackson Pollock’s Free Form (1946) (MoMA). More of these pieces are evident in Herrera’s book such as Boy and Dwarf (Boy and Dwarf). Even though Herrera’s work has been noted to have similar components to Pollock and Picasso, Herrera’s choice of medium,usage of materials, and style of display in museums has individualized his work.Herrera typically delves in mixed media, ranging particularly from painting to collages. Regarding materials, Herrera would only require scissors, paper, and glue, and little studio space to create all of his pieces (Artsy). In the modern era, Herrera has switched focus to using gallery walls as his canvas. With this canvas, Herrera has created large caliber compilations that evokes the sense of adaptability based on how the viewers receives each piece.Prior to switching, his work was displayed in a contorted fashion such as Felt #8 (2008). This piece was one of his works created using felt. He would begin by cutting the material into various shapes to act as a spliced representation of his paintings. The installation method was using them in wall-mounted reliefs. This in practice would portray the blurring of traditional boundaries between the two and three-dimensional artworks (Artsy). Herrera’s culmination of thought-provoking pieces and contorted display styles has been the driving force of rising popularity in his pieces,


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