The handicapped and mentally retarded people in

drhAmerica lead a difficult life, but with the help of
new innovations such as the web-Braille library and
many new laws coming into effect it will make life
much more livable and enjoyable to be in their
Unfortunately, in life, not everything is fair.

Some people are born with handicaps that make it
harder for them to get through life like the rest
of us. The definition of handicapped from the
merriam-webster dictionary is as follows:
Having a physical or mental disability that
substantially limits activity especially in
There are two different kinds of handicaps,
mental and physical. People who are mentally
retarded are usually slow or limited in
intellectual or emotional development or academic
progress. People who are physically handicapped
have a physical disability that makes achivement
Before congress intervened and began passing
laws, people with these handicaps were, and in some
isolated cases still are, being overlooked in job
interviews or not given adequate accomidatoins to
get into schools, librarys, or any other public
buildings. Congress aimed to change this with
Americans with Disabilities Act which establishs a
clear and comprehensive prohibition of
discrimination on the basis of disability.

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According to this act which was passed in 1990
some 43,000,000 Americans have one or more physical
or mental disabilities, and this number is
increasing as the population is growing older. In
the past society has tended to isolate and
segregate individuals with disabilities, and,
despite some improvements, such forms of
discrimination against individuals with
disabilities continue to be a serious and pervasive
When someone was discriminated on the basis of
things such as race, color, sex, or religon they
have legal recourse to file lawsuits, but people
who were discriminated on the basis of disability


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