The halls and theaters. For Germany climates it

      The country of Germany can attract people around the world with their cold or warm climates and their biomes , their beautiful festivals .And celebrations ,their exquisite food and drinks.Also their amazing museums and art galleries and ,lastly their huge and amazing concert halls and theaters.       For Germany climates it can mostly consist of moderate and does not have long hot or cold weather.Germany has a marine influenced climate with warm summers and mildly cloudy  winters, more inland is more continental marked by seasonal variations in temperature with warmer summers and colder winters .For their biomes temperate broadleaf forest also known as deciduous forest biomes  the deciduous forest consist of five different zones ,the first zone consist of the stratum tree zone which is made up of big trees like oak, beech, and maple trees .The small trees and sapling zone has younger and shorter trees , the shrub zone well it mostly consists of shrubs the fourth zone is the herb which is made up of small herbal plants.lastly is the ground zone which is made up of fungi and other and other mosses.        Next is their beautiful festival and celebrations .For their festival they have special traditions like fasching which is a catholic carnival for german speaking countries, which las little over a month it historically involved the temporary subversions of traditional roles. Fasching celebrations include weissin feste or white parties and open air dances. There is also Oktoberfest it started by Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig’s marriage to Princess Therese von Sachsen-hildburghausen. Munich oktoberfest is the largest of its kind in the world ,it hold for a little than two weeks , visitors can drink german beer like  augustiner-brau and ride carnival rides ,eat bavarian specialties like sausages and pretzels , and also wear traditional clothes lederhosen for men and dirndls for women .Visitors can watch the oktoberfest costume and riflemen’s parade , which consists of a parade of beer sellers which is followed by brass band and horse drawn carriages , on the first sunday of the festival. There is also weihnachtsmärkte or christmas market it takes place throughout the country , most christmas markets are made to look like victorian towns . in the markets they sell lebkuchen gingerbread cookies and gluhwein or hot mulled wine  other than food they also make handmade children toys ,wreaths and miniature houses . some other christmas markets include holiday themed festivals and family friendly attractions . and lastly kinderzeche or childrens party . kinderzeche is about a country that took control of dinkelsbuhl with the intent to destroy it the children in the town went to the sweden colonial and begged them to not to destroy their village , since being moved by their bravery he spared their village since then the children of the area are given a yearly party.Third is their food and drinks , their German snack used to be cooked sausages with a bread roll . most germans like meat dishes like roulades best . first ever visitors are taken back by their seafood from the far north and the lamb dishes from lower saxony ,and 6 theri casseroles and stews of rhineland-westphalia and there noodle base cuisine of wash all the food down is beer but they’re also proud of their wine . German specialties are mostly have meat in there dishes for example eisbein mit sauerkraut which is a cured and boiled leg of pork accompanied by mashed potatoes , bratwurst which is a grilled sausage of a combination of pork ,beef and or veal    


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