The Great Mosque of Samarra is indicative of

The architectural heritage of the Islamic world is intensely rich. Islamic architecture is really the blending of architectural styles.”It is in architecture that the greatest cultural blending of the Muslim world can be seen” (Beck et al, 276). Is Islamic architecture at first did not have a specific style for there buildings and mosques. The architecture reflected on the people and the land. There are many Islamic architectural pieces in the world and they are exquisitely built.  Islamic architectural styles are influenced by the Roman, Persian, Indian, and Byzantine. There religious building incorporate the styles and specific details The Great Mosque of Samarra is located in Samarra, Iraq. The Mosque was at one period of time the largest mosque in the world. The mosque covers 38,000 square meters of land. It has a rich and powerful history that is greatly acknowledged today. It was built in the ninth century. The mosque was commissioned by Abbasid Al-Mutawakkil. Abbasid Al-Mutawakkil was a caliph in Baghdad He traveled to Samarra because of some problems in Baghdad. In 1278, the armies of the Mongol ruler Hulagu Khan invaded Iraq, and now only the outer walls and the Minaret remain. The mosque is made out of baked brick and is ten meters high. “The outer walls enclosed an area called a ziyada, which is an enclosed field common to mosques during this period” (Taul,) The Minaret is a spiral shaped 52-meter tower with a great view above. The top layer of the Minaret has eight arches, which is very indicative of Islamic mosques in this region. The Minaret unlike the mosque is made out of sandstone and has a strong visual appearance. “It is possible to walk all the way to the top along the spiraling path” (Kaushik, 2016).  The Great Mosque of Samarra is indicative of Islamic architecture in many ways. The Gothic arches are in Romanesque origin, but they changed some of the details and it they became Islamic.  The mosque today is very open in concept and the Minaret is a specific and intriguing tower. The large mosque has a great layout that is accompanied by a even greater tower. The Taj Mahal has been called one of the most beautiful buildings in the world. The Taj Mahal is located in Agra, India. The style of the building was inspired by Persian,Islamic ,and Indian architecture.  The Taj Mahal is also known for the renowned beauty and symmetry.


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