The During our class hours, we had done

The main intension of this essay is to show the outcomes
that we gain from studying the course BSc (Hons) Computer Science and Software
engineering. After the end of first semester I am able to know the positive
impacts of software engineering to the society. By studying this course we will
be able to gain the required knowledge regarding software. The main purpose of
studying this subject is to become a good software developer and to develop
software’s which would be beneficial for society as well. This course have
provided me the knowledge and information for being a good software developer
in my future. I want to develop different software’s which would help different
industrialist of our country to solve their problems easily. As our country
Nepal is a developing country, my intension of studying this course is to
become a successful software developer and to develop a software which would be
beneficial for lots of industries of our nation.

Now, at the ending stage of our first semester I have been able
to gain basic knowledge on some of the programming languages like Python and
C++. Also, I have learned the proper and managed way of writing skills which is
accepted by the University of Bedfordshire. Yet, I haven’t gained all the
required knowledge to become a good software developer but till today the
knowledge I have gained from studying this course has helped lot to understand
a bit of coding. Studying this course has increased my self-esteem and
confidence towards my dream of becoming a successful software developer.

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During our class hours, we had done a lot of presentations
and self-perception tests. The first test we had done in our class was a group
presentation on the topic “Belbin Team Role” in which I was given the role of
complete finisher. I was given the responsibility of the complete finisher
because I want the work done with perfection and before the deadline. A
complete finisher is someone who is very concerned about the project and checks
thoroughly. The main work of the complete finisher to check for the errors in
the project and to improve the errors in the project and to pay attention to
the each and every small details. The main purpose of the complete finisher is
to polish the work and make the work to be at the highest level of standard
quality. I was given the responsibility of complete finisher in the project
because I seem to have same qualities and characteristics as a complete
finisher do. I always seemed to worry more than other about the deadline of the
projects and I always wanted things to happen perfectly and because of this behavior
I was given the responsibility of complete finisher in the project.

One of the other test performed in our class for
self-perception test s MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) test. This test
refers to the testing of leadership and personality. This test is a questionnaire
with the purpose of indicating various psychological preferences, how the
people perceive the world in their view and make their opinions. According to
the result of MBTI test conducted in our class by our tutor Mr. Dipankar Sherpa,
my characteristics was Extraverted iNtuitive Feeling Judging (ENFJ). ENFJ
refers to the people-focused individuals. As an ENFJ, the primary mode of
living is only externally focused where you deal with the things the way how
you feel for them or how they fit your personal value system whereas the
secondary mode of living of an ENFJ is internal where you take things in
primarily through your institution. They are supportive, loving, caring,
understanding, encouraging and a good time to other people and bringing out the
best in them.

During our class hours we used one of the important tool
called ELLI (Effective Lifelong Learning Inventory) for reflection and personal
development. According to ELLI there are Seven Dimensions of Learning Power
among which I am categorized in the group of Meaning Making. The dimension meaning
making is about the ability to understanding everything by relating it. As for
me my behavior is exactly like of meaning making because I can relate
everything with facts and by seeing their patterns and construction can link
them up and take ideas. Same as the behavior of meaning making, I like to make
sense of new things in terms of my own experience and see how learning relates
to my own concerns.


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