The doesn’t think she can stop the winter,

The most popular monomyth of 2013 and still today in 2018 is the disney movie Frozen.  The hero in this journey is, Anna who has been separated in her room from Elsa in their castle. Elsa, is completely isolated from her sister Anna, who dislikes living alone without a sister that she can’t bond with. The call to adventure begins when Elsa escapes to the north mountain and loses control of her powers sending the world, into an eternal winter. Anna believed that if she found Elsa, the winter would be over. On her journey up north mountain, Anna meets her mentor Kristoff. She convinces Kristoff to help her and he teaches her about survival and teaches her common sense. The supernatural aid she meets is Olaf, a snowman who helps Anna stay on her journey. Olaf and the Trolls These magical creatures were really helpful for Anna throughout her journey, both giving her advice. Then Anna crosses the threshold, Anna finally gathered up the courage to talk to Elsa and entered her castle on the top of North Mountain. Following this is the refusal of the return because Elsa doesn’t think she can stop the winter, she refuses to return to the kingdom because she believes people will not accept her. Elsa accidentally struck Anna, causing her heart to freeze. Only love can save her her from freezing solid. Anna’s destine husband falls in love with Hans the first day she meets him, but when she needs him most, he doesn’t help her. He played her and she didn’t realize it. Preparation after her long journey to find Elsa only to be turned down, she realizes her heart may freeze without an act of true love. She gets to Hans who ditches her and she and the world seem to be completely frozen over. On the road of trials stage, Hans, her future husband, almost kills Anna and then attempts to kill Elsa. The ultimate boon occurs when Anna sacrificed her life to save Elsa from Hans trying to kill her. But because it was an act of love, she survived. The Anna as well as summer. Both were reborn.  Anna and Elsa rebuild their kingdom together and decide to keep the gates open forever, mastering the modern world and wizardry. Allowing them to live free and return to their normal lives. Though the monomyth is present in most movies, it also very prevalent in different genres of books, fiction or nonfiction.


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