The Democratic-Republican label as their official name (Democratic

The Democratic Party was the first US political party and one of the oldest in the world (Democratic Party).  It was created in 1792 by Thomas Jefferson and his followers and in 1798 they adopted the Democratic-Republican label as their official name (Democratic Party).  In the 1820s, new legislation split the part into two separate parties, and each nominated its own candidate in the 1824 presidential election (Democratic Party).  Andrew Jackson, who lost the election, referred to his followers as Democrats which is still used today (Democratic Party).  On the platform of taxes, the Democrats want to eliminate tax breaks for big gas and oil companies (  They also want to remove all the ways that companies use to elude their taxes (  The last thing they want to do is offer tax relief to middle class families because of the price squeeze from rising health care, education, and other expenses over the past few years  ( Another thing that Democrats want to do is to guarantee civil rights for everyone and they want to keep fighting to end discrimination based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender, or  gender identity (  They want to promote civility and they speak out against all forms of intolerance and they believe that is in unacceptable target or exclude anyone because of their race or religion (  Democrats also want to build a clean energy economy and are committed to getting 50 percent of our electricity from clean sources within the next decade (  They also want 500 million solar panels installed over the next four years and to power every home in the country with renewable energy (  They will cut energy waste from places like schools and homes through energy efficient improvements (  One of their ideas is to modernize our electric grid and make our manufacturing the most efficient and the cleanest in the world (  Doing this will also create millions of new jobs and save many people money on energy bills ( believe that money should not be an obstacle if you want a higher education, and you should always be able to get one (  They think that cost should not be a barrier to getting a degree, and debt should not hold you back after graduation (  Democrats are unified in their belief that every student should be able to go to college without debt and working families should not have to pay any tuition for public colleges and universities (  On the topic of defense spending, Democrats support a smart defense budget that strategically meets the challenges we face (  They do not agree with the arbitrary cuts that the Republican Congress has enacted (  They believe that we must prioritize our military readiness by making sure our National Guard remains the best trained and equipped in the world (  They want to end waste in the defense budget and will launch a commission to review the role of defense contractors (  The last thing they want to do is ensure that the Department of Defense invests its budget wisely so there is less waste ( leader of the Democratic party is Hillary Clinton.  She ran for president in 2016 with her running mate Tim Kaine and she beat Bernie Sanders in the Democratic National Convention (Hillary Clinton Presidential Campaign, 2016).  In doing so, she because the first woman to be nominated for president by a major US political party (Hillary Clinton Presidential Campaign, 2016).  However, she lost the presidential election to Donald Trump on November 9, 2016 (Hillary Clinton Presidential Campaign, 2016).In the US, the Green Party exists as multiple state parties come together to form the Green Party of the United States (Feinstein).  In May, 1984, David Haenke started a Green Movement Committee at the first North American Bio-regional Congress (Feinstein).  After this meeting, a larger one was planned in August in St. Paul, Minnesota, which became the founding meeting between the US Greens (Feinstein).  From August 10-12, 62 people went to Macalester College and founded the first official Green organization in the United States (Feinstein).  Due to the increasing emphasis on electoral politics among them, the Green Party was founded in August 1991 in Elkins, West Virginia (Feinstein).  They had an original ten key values that they came up with in 1984, some of which included: grassroots democracy, nonviolence, respect for diversity, and global responsibility (Feinstein).  In 2000, they adopted new values that had some slight changes like ecological wisdom and sustainability (Feinstein).The Green Party believes that the wealthy should pay their fair share of taxes (  They think we should amend federal law to remove the tax exemption status that allows corporations to fund presidential debates and other exclusive debate entities (  They want to increase family assistance to offset regressive payroll taxes and rising inequalities in American society (  They also believe that we should prevent corporations in the US from avoiding tax payments by banking abroad ( Green Party wants to turn the US government towards a new policy, which recognizes the equality of everyone that lives in the US regardless of their religion (  They also want to strive towards securing universal recognition of the principles expressed in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights as a standard that every nation should meet (  This issue is one of their key values, which says they will respect diversity and they are committed to establishing relationships that honor that value (  The Green Party supports public funding for environmental service like recycling, sustainable agriculture, and forest management (  They believe we should focus on the environment on social justice and prioritize the creation of green jobs (  They want to have 100 percent renewable energy by 2050, with at least 80 percent by 2030 (  They also want to end the use of nuclear power and other dirty clean energy like biomass incineration (  They think we should have clean, green agriculture, and convert US farms to organic practices to cut greenhouse gas emissions ( Green party wants to execute a new GI Bill to give tuition grants for college and other educational opportunities (  They support equal access to high quality education and an increase in financial aid for college students (  They want to provide free tuition to all qualified students to go to public universities and vocational schools so more people are able to go to college ( the platform of defense spending, the Green Party wants to transfer defense technology towards a peacetime technology-based economy (  They believe we should move towards alternative civilian technologies instead of using nuclear weapons (  They strongly oppose nuclear weapons and want to de-escalate the arms race (  They want to devote a larger percentage of our research and budget towards civilian use and away from military use ( The 2016 Presidential candidate from the Green Party was Jill Stein (  Her running mate for this election was Ajamu Baraka and they received over a million votes in the election, which doubled her votes from 2012 (  The Democratic Party attracted my attention because it was the party I was in when we did the online tests.  Of the five issues I researched, I agreed with all of their stands but I do believe that some of what they want to do will be hard to achieve.  While, I agree with them that we need to use more clean energy to reduce pollution and global warming, I believe that it will be very difficult to have half of our energy coming from clean sources in the next ten years.  If I was voting today, I would most likely vote as a Democrat because, after all of my research, I agree with most of their views and I believe that is the party for me.I chose the Green Party because I had already heard a little about them from the 2016 Presidential Election and I wanted to find out more about them.  This party also fit my views in many ways but I had more differences in viewpoints on some issues.  Like the Democratic Party, they want to use clean energy, but I don’t think we will be able to meet 80 percent renewable energy by 2030.  I also do not agree with their military defense stances.  I do agree that we should not use nuclear weapons but I do not think we should take a large percentage of that and devote it  towards civilian use and towards a peacetime based economy.   I agree more with the Democrats on this issue and think we need to reduce the waste of the defense budget, and perhaps devote that to civilian use, but we still need to make sure that our National Guard is strong and one of the best in the world.  However, on all the other issues I researched, I do agree with the Green Party on their platforms.


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