The dealing and drug addiction in his country

The Right to No Torture states that
“No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel inhuman or degrading
treatment or punishment” (Steffens,4). This right is one of the most important
right because it prevents everyone to be tortured and to be involved in any
harm. In addition, it avoids an individual to experience a serious happening
that may lead to injustice or trauma.

                        In this report, The Right to No
Torture will be discussed in the Philippines. It is widely violated in this
country because the president of the Philippines proclaimed a precise platform
stating that he will kill those people who make the lives of his fellow men
miserable. That includes all the criminal suspects, as part of his anti-drug
campaign and solving criminality and corruption in a span of just three to six
months. Moreover, he focused on that war on drugs campaign that resulted for
lots of extrajudicial deaths. The president of the Philippines enabled killing
people in his country because he claimed that drug dealing, and drug abuse were
major obstacles to the country’s economic and social progress that is why it
had created a condition that it is appropriate to just kill every drug users
and dealers. President Rodrigo Duterte had this mindset that by doing this kind
of punishment it will lessen all the crimes especially drug dealing and drug
addiction in his country and will eventually be dissolved. Also, he thinks that
this will be the right path on the way to lift his country up. Furthermore,
everyone that is living in the Philippines is being impacted by this act
because there are so many people dying without having trial which means that
they will not know if that certain person that has been killed is really a user
or a dealer. Many families have been losing their loved ones and everyone that
is being suspected might be killed anytime and anywhere (Philippines,2017).

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                        This right was also violated in
Canada when it has been accused of “complicity” in torture. Canada used to hand
prisoners to Afghan security forces during the Afghan combat mission. In spite
of that “substantial risk” which means that the prisoners might get the chance
to be tortured, Canada still do it (Milewski,2012). The Canadian Charter of
Rights and Freedom declared a law to protect the right to no torture which
states that “Everyone has the right not to be subjected to any cruel and
unusual treatment or punishment (Laws,n.d.). Canada made a compliance of
convention against torture which are the incorporation of Convention Against
Torture (CAT) into refugee protection provisions, non-implementation of the
refugee appeal division, exclusion clauses, extradition, security certificates,
deportation to torture, safe third country, ineligibility on security and other
grounds (Dench,n.d.). Also, there are some organizations that protect this
right in this country. First,  the
Amnesty International Canada which is a global movement and over 3 million
people committed to defending those who are denied justice or freedom.
Second,  The Canadian Centre for Victims
of Torture (CCVT) which are responsible for supporting those survivors that are
still suffering for the lasting effects of wars and torture. Third, PEN Canada
which is a nonbiased organization of writers that stands with others to declare
freedom as our basic human right. Fourth, STAND Canada which is the leading
organization in Canada for youth led anti-genocide advocacy and activism.
Fifth, is the War Child Canada which is a non-profit organization that acquires
to have awareness and to sustain those war affected children worldwide through
local and international initiatives. Lastly, Human Rights Watch which is one of
the world’s leading independent organizations that is responsible of defending
and preserving all the human rights (Human,n.d.).

            Despite of the violations around the
world, there are some people out there who are willing to help and fight for
this right. Some of the Non-Government Organizations (NGO) around the world are
Amnesty International which helped 152 political prisoners to be released way
back 1961. Also, by 1964 four thousand of prisoners had been adopted and half
of them had been released and by 1974 over a thousand of prisoners were
released alone. Secondly, REDRESS which offers those who have suffered torture and
any related international crimes, a direct legal assistance for them to be able
to secure their rights. This includes legal advice, litigation support and
representation of survivors in all regions of the world.  Lastly, the Center for Victims of torture
which is able to rehabilitate over 33,000 torture and war trauma survivors
through a direct healing and they were also engaged in post-conflict community
building after some of the world’s deadliest wars, working in Guinea, Sierra
Leone, Liberia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Jordan and Kenya. In addition to
that, there were also people who tried to alleviate the violation and fought
for this right which are Glen Carle, he is a CIA officer and he refused to use
torture and instead denounced those who did. Another one is John Helgerson, he
launched an investigation that resulted in a report documenting abusive
interrogations in CIA-run prisons and he also wrote a critical review for
Congress in 2005 of former Director of Central Intelligence George Tenet, a staunch
defender of the torture program. And the last one is Philip Zelikow, he argued
against the legality of “enhanced interrogation techniques” in a 2005 memo. He
considered some actions as violation of the constitution such as controlled
drowning, hanging suspects from the ceiling for prolonged periods and all forms
of abuse (Nine,n.d.).

            The Right to No Torture is very
important right for everyone because it claims that no one should be involved
in any harm, abuse and torture. It is not given to everyone especially in
certain countries just like in the Philippines because policemen can kill
criminals such as drug addicts and dealer. It is also violated in the local
country, Canada, but luckily, it has organizations to protect and fight for
this right. Regardless of these violations to Universal Declaration, the people
in the whole world still managed to create an effective organization to give
people justice and freedom. Also there are lots of people that can be called
heroes for fighting for this right. Subsequently, this right is really being an
important right for an individual to have because this right is our escapade to


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