The crucial for the request to comply with

The clinical request form contained the name, first line of
address and the date of birth of the patient; these 3 points of identification
were important as they helped towards the justification for the examination. In
addition, the clinical request form asked for Post OP (operation) x-rays of the
radius and ulna. Being ‘Post OP’ x-ray images it made it justifiable as the
examination will benefit the clinical management of the patient, as the
findings will help figure out the effect of the operation treatment that was
given to the patient. This would help in positively contributing to the
patients care.

Furthermore, the completed request form was justifiable as
it complied with the local protocol; this was because an authorised electronic
signature from the referrer was visible and the request card was completed in a
legit manner. In addition, it was crucial for the request to comply with the UK
legislation known as Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposure) Regulations
(IR(ME)R) 2000. This is an important legislation which was put in place to
assure the dose used towards the patient was as low as practicable.

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“The practitioner, whom in this case is the Radiographer,
has the responsibility of making sure that the examination is justified and for
making sure things such as exposure is reduced. Additionally, the Radiographer has
the responsibility of checking that the request form provided contains the following
3 important items: sufficient detail that complies with the Ionising Radiations
Regulations and IRMER;

Request forms will vary slightly from department
to department but they all have the same basic requirements. As a minimum, the
form must have the patient’s full name, hospital number and date of birth.
IRMER requires that a patient must confirm to the operator a minimum of three
different details of their identity before they can be examined, such as
forename, surname and date of birth


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