The chapter 4 covers the market study using

The chapters in this report are
arranged based on the steps followed during the research. Chapter 1 begins with
the introduction to this report, which covers the background and scope of the
research. Chapter 2 provides material on problem analysis, which covers the
research questions addressed. Next, Chapter 3 deals with the research
methodology used to carry out the research; which explains methods used for
data collection and data analysis. Next, chapter 4 covers the market study
using the PEST analysis and Porter’s five forces, which covers the
market estimation. Chapter 7 covers results of the data analysis of data
collected during the study, which answers the research question. Furthermore,
Chapter 8 covers the organizations operations, profile and services, the
results of the research are implemented in this chapter. Chapter 9 deals with
the marketing strategy of the organization using marketing mix concept and
further SWOT and VRIO analysis is done to know the internal environment of the
organization. Chapter 10 provides the conclusion of analysis done during the
study. Finally, chapter 11 provides the financial plan, which covers the
expense and revenue projection. 


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