The But also , we need a variety

software project development is a vast and complicated process. It consist of
all the major parts required to developed a working system. However , in many
cases our project may encounter failure due to various reasons. The list of
well known failures and there solution is mentioned below:

Requirement Analyzer :- In most
of the cases this is the reason for the project failure as      requirement from the customer/user is not
specified till the very end. Even , during the 
various other phases requirements may change from the user.

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The requirement gathering should be done a close tight environment where
there should be direct interaction with user and there should be various slides
and presentation made to show the developers/manager how the working model
should actually work.


2. Time Constraint : The other major reason is
time constraint or timeline for the project.Sometimes, we don’t have realistic
timeline for the completion of the project.

            Solution: The realistic timeline should be
made by the responsible person.The team meeting should be held regularly to
know about the present status of the software.


3. Scope of the
user : Sometimes our system is not capable enough to support such a large user
base so there are very high chances that our system may fail.

            Solution: The software should be design
keeping the user or total number of people which software may b targeting.


4.Solving a
wrong problem :  Sometime we indulge
ourselves solving a wrong problem.It may sometimes happen due to lack of
requirement gathering or miscommunication.

            Solution: There should be transparency when
developing a project. People at lower level should also be known about each critical


5.Server issues:
Problem may not occur on our local environment but when pushing code to server
or in the production mode it may perform indifferently.


6.Resources :
Development is a long process and it require a lot of man power to complete a
particular project. But also , we need a variety of workers depending upon the

            Solution: Time should be spend building up a team.Each
person should take the responsibility of their work.


7.Poor Planning
: Sometime the planning goes wrong and we are struck in a problem due to lack
of it.

            Solution: Time should be spend not only upon
what the system should perform but also on the how the system should perform.


8.Testing : The
testing is the core of the project development. Improper or insufficient
testing may result in the failure of the whole project.

            Solution: The testing should be given the
proper time not only at a development mode at also at a production mode.


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