The background check.For the civilians, the right to

The documentary revolves around the relationship Americans and their guns. It is a long and have had several peaks and dips. A gun in the right hands is an effective way to defend against a certain threat and on the contrary, in wrong hands can lead to destructive consequences. The rights and the procedure to own a gun varies largely across multiple States in America for example, in Philadelphia it could take a background check of the buyer to be given the right to own a gun while in Texas one can acquire as many guns as possible in one day without even seller running a background check.For the civilians, the right to own a gun is given by the American constitution to be a mean of self-defense.  Many people including the outlaws owning the guns exploit this article of the constitution. Such an exploitation could lead to catastrophic outcomes. The gangs and criminals are caught with arms acquired through the similar channel. It also leads to increased homicide rates. The chances of a family members being shot are much higher than an intruder being shot. More importantly, there arises situations where the intruders might not be armed and there might not be any lives in danger directly unless the owners intervene. There could be many reasons for people carry or shoot a weapon. There are weapon ranges, just as the one mentioned in the video that is near Nevada where shooting an automatic weapon is allowed and rather a source of bonding and entertainment. However, the several interviews from someone who once used to be a gangster shows the dark side of what misusage of guns is doing to the American society. It is ruining many lives and already has done so. One person per hour is shot in the United States. Therefore, the debate about stricter gun laws is a complicated one and could take decades to reach a conclusion that is acceptable for both those in favor of keeping the guns and those against it. 


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