Technology the learning process, meaning that technology is

Technology is very prominent in the world and it is
continually improved and developed to elevate the standards of living and make
life easier. As technology progresses, education has been under the influence
of technology for learners and teachers. The world we live in has become a
technical world. Nearly all aspects of society have been influenced by
technology (Fouts, 2000). This will be a new environment for students to extend
and adapt for their learning development .The Schools must be a part of these changes
and research should proceed with the assumption that technology is and will continue
to be a growing element within the schools (Fouts, 2000,p.33).There are
theories in learning and it is defined as “empirically-based accounts of
variables which influence the learning process and provide explanations of the
ways in which that influence occurs”(Mayes & de Frietas, 2005, p. 5). There
are hundreds of learning theories, but three categories remain dominant:
Behaviorism, Cognitivism, and Constructivism. These theories have a contact
with the e-learning.

Electronic learning unites two main areas, learning and technology.
Learning is a cognitive process for achieving knowledge, and technology is an
enabler of the learning process, meaning that technology is used like any other
tool on the education praxis, as is a pencil or a notebook, for example.

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learning is also referred as “an interactive distance learning” (Morri, 1997).
Online learning is another concept related to e-learning and the technology
plays an important role in this type of learning.

Simon, winner of the 1978 Nobel Prize for Economics, stated the “knowing” no
longer means being able to remember and repeat information but now wears being
able to find and use information. (Simon, 1996)


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