Teacher observations

1. The students that I observed in the classroom were of
middle to high school. I went to see 8th, freshman, 10th ,
and seniors classes, they seemed excited and very curious
to why I was there. The middle school was more alive and
rambunctious while I observed them. The High school kids
were more laxed, more comical. Some were intuned while
others seemed tuned out to the lecture or involved in
socialization with friends within the class. By the end of
the class Mr. Cecil had restored the attention of everyone
by using tactics such as history jeopardy with candy as the
prize with the high school kids. In both he middle school
and high school the kids were mostly Caucasian with a
mixture of black, Asian , and Hispanic in the classes.

2.I thought that the teachers did a nice job with their
classroom set up. I felt like I could have kept myself busy
all day just by looking at the walls and seeing the pictures
of presidents and famous historic quotes by famous people of
our nations past. One thing I really enjoyed was the time
the teachers allotted me at the end of each class to
reflect to the class. Not only throughout my past middle
school, and high school experiences but also, and most
importantly, my current college experiences, the templations
that I have had to endure have definately been rewarding.
3. I spent most of my time in Brian Cecil’s 8th and freshman
level American History classes. I felt he conducted his
classes better then any other teacher I observed. He had the
full attention and respect of the student in his class when
in the middle school especially after lunch in the afternoon
the students are all riled up and raring to go. In the high
school, I got to be reminded what it was like, how difficult
it could be as a high school student juggling school along
with a social life that at that age means everything to the
student who is at a ripe age of impressions that will mold
them for the rest of their adult life. It was quite a change
from the middle school level, the students were more in
tuned in the Mr. Chapotons senior government class. In Mrs.

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Browns Senior honors English classes I watched intently as
they grappled with Shakespeare, Frankenstein, and the
meaning of chivalry. I interviewed Mr. Cecil, he told me
that teachers are life long learners. He told me that every
day he teaches , he learns something new , in whether the
lesson being taught or within the students themselves. Brian
Cecil is currently working on his masters degree with hopes
of going to law school on the side at Wayne State University
on the side in the future. He also has desires of
administration. He also coaches freshman baseball at a local
neighboring high school. His love for working with students
goes far beyond the classroom. He is also involved with
various clubs and hold the head of the social studies


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