SWOT that “Sandro” has a very well-known

SWOTAnalysis “Sandro”, theStore in City Walk.In today’s world, we can not deny thefact that, in order to succeed in any business sector, especially, in thefashion retail, there are plenty of competitors who are consistently working onevery aspect of their brands to keep their position high in the market. So, asa part of any of those organizations, we have to know internal strengths,weaknesses, external opportunities and threats. In the following positions, Iwill come up with examples for the brand “Sandro”. And also, I will write aboutmy own point of view as a store manager.

  Strengths: ·   Brand name & Image, High sales worldwide ·   Location ·   Attractive merchandising, lay out, and, atmosphere in the store ·   The current collection, variety of designs Opportunities: ·   Create a kids collection, items for Arabic nation ·   The increase in the number of luxury brands in the Mall ·   Increased number of visitors ·   Marketing and advertisement of the competitors   Weaknesses: ·   The service in the store, lack of staff coverage through the store ·   The condition of displayed items ·   No brand catalogue ·   Collections are not enough to satisfy the customers, And, being only for women Threats: ·   Collections of the nearby stores and service ·   Increase in the number of luxury stores in the mall ·   Offers in the other brand stores ·   Decreasing demand for luxury brands because of a financial situation in Dubai            Strengths:To begin with, as an internal factor,I can say that “Sandro” has a very well-known brand image. “Sandro” has aleading role among luxury brands as it is from Paris and, keeping its highimage among people, especially in Dubai. Secondly, the store has a very goodlocation which results in the increased number of “footstep” of customers. As athird point, the merchandising of the store from the outside look is verywell-displayed. It can help attract people to go inside the store.

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And, this isa very important point. And, as the last strengths, I can mention the currentcollection and, the designs. In fact, the collections and designs are whatmakes “Sandro” one of the leading brands in the fashion retail industry.   Weaknesses:            About the weaknesses, the firstthing to mention is the service of the staff and their coverages in the store.

As a customer, when Ivisited, I watched that sales staff were not able to manage the customers,which, was because of lack of professionalism and not having enough salesassistants. And, this needs to be improved immediately. The second weak side isthe conditions of the displayed items. For example, I felt that some of theitems in the store were not perfectly ironed, with threads and, not correctlyplaced in the hanger on the racks. This is also lack of the attention todetails by the staff. Thirdly, there is no brand catalogue in the store. As weknow, the brand catalogue for collections are very essential for us to guidecustomers towards cross-sale to push for more.Catalogues help customers find their perfect matches in aneasy way.

  And, the fourth point ofweakness is lack of collection availabilities. As, we know, in the localmarket, I have to openly say that most of Arab nationalities would prefer tohave bigger and, regular-fit sizes. But. The store doesn’t have enough designsto satisfy those women. Furthermore, the store had no section for men which isalso one of the weak sides.Opportunities:           As anexternal factor, there are main opportunities which can be taken intoconsideration in the near future. From the point ofbeing well-know, “Sandro” can come up with the collection for kids also.

And,it can be a good point to increase the sales in the stores.  Furthermore, the second more opportunity isthat the number of luxury brands are increasing in the mall. And, it will, forsure, attract more visitors and, tourist, which, at the end, can result inincreased sales in the store. To improve, all in all, the advertisement andmarketing of the brand in the City Walk can be improved more.

In fact,marketing is an essential tool to increase footstep into the store.Moreover, the number of tourists coming to Dubai is expectedto increase largely in the beginning of the winter period. This is also one ofthe main opportunities to increase the business in the store.Threats:            Last, but,not least, I, in deed, need to mention the threats which can effect “Sandro” toimprove its position in the luxury retail sector.

The first threat is that the competitors near the store arevery well-organized brands which are offering a competitive collections on acompetitive prices. For example, “Max Mara” is considered to have specialoffers for customers with almost the same collections compared to “Sandro”.And, the service in the stores of competitors are totally exceptional. And, asthe last example for threats can be the statistically decreasing demand for topluxury brands. Unfortunately, the recession in Dubai, has showed its result inthe decreased sales of the brands.As the result of market crisis, some people started newshopping habits in the middle class brands.

           Inconclusion, with above-mentioned examples and points, as an experiencecandidate in this fashion industry, I can once again mention that there aremany internal and external factors which can help “Sandro” increase the salesand its rank among customers. “Service and the sense of being professional ofthe sales staff can be one of the first things to improve all in all. 


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