Olook up blind girl, you lack my

Olook up, look up pleease! Just this once, I swear shes exactly above your head . .

.Ohuh? where? (looking up) liar . . . cant believe I fell for it again!!!Oshut up blind girl, you lack my innate vision . . .ahem Obut of course .

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. . I beg to differOtrust me sweetheart, I can still see her, that little fairys real angry with you, just be grateful that she didnt jinx you yet for denying her presence .

. . O(laughing) youre preposterous! now go get lost before your imagination runs wildOmy imagination shapes the way I want it to .

. . . a healthy dose of sanity I would prefer call it, unlike some people (smiling complacently)Ooh well, Ill count the number of bones you break after falling into the REAL world :P***********Owhats up baby?Oup? my head, n the ceiling n the sky beyond that .

. . the sky isnt the limit by the wayOhmm . . . I know that, so watcha doing?Onothing in particular . . .

Obad day?O . . . .

. Oforgot what I told you? be mad but not sadO(smiling) yeah . . . that . .

.Oso tell me . . . how do I look? (new dress)Oif youre gorgeous n you know it say I am . .

. OI am!Oif youre gorgeous n you know it n youve a face that really shows it, if youre gorgeous n you know it say I am . . . OI am!Ohmmm . .

. I knew Johnny Bravo reminded me of someone . .

. .***********happy mad, silly sadwanted more than I already hadhaunted by all that I dreamtnever closed an eye, never sleptno one won, you didnt loseno regrets then? you didnt get to chooseif it was a burning desire did anyone see a fire?you cant deny it now, can you baby?ive been on you head since I turned into a fairyits not your fault, theres much I dont revealbut trust me, if you will, its become easier to concealrunning away did not allureif you respect my opinion, this was the curebut if YOU shed a tearthen YOULL kill me dearso look up, for a whilewont you please pass a smile?couldnt have made this any betterI just had to drop this lettern before it was way too high a costI decided to get lostOMISUNDERSTOODO(crying silently) couldnt you take me with you?


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