Sui cide

Olook up, look up pleease! Just this once, I swear shes exactly above your head . . .

Ohuh? where? (looking up)
liar . . . cant believe I fell for it again!!!
Oshut up blind girl, you lack my innate vision . . .ahem
Obut of course . . . I beg to differ
Otrust me sweetheart, I can still see her, that little fairys real angry with you, just be
grateful that she didnt jinx you yet for denying her presence . . .
O(laughing) youre preposterous! now go get lost before your imagination runs wild
Omy imagination shapes the way I want it to . . . . a healthy dose of sanity I would prefer
call it, unlike some people (smiling complacently)
Ooh well, Ill count the number of bones you break after falling into the REAL world 😛
Owhats up baby?
Oup? my head, n the ceiling n the sky beyond that . . . the sky isnt the limit by the way
Ohmm . . . I know that, so watcha doing?
Onothing in particular . . .

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Obad day?
O . . . . .
Oforgot what I told you? be mad but not sad
O(smiling) yeah . . . that . . .

Oso tell me . . . how do I look? (new dress)
Oif youre gorgeous n you know it say I am . . .
OI am!
Oif youre gorgeous n you know it n youve a face that really shows it, if youre
gorgeous n you know it say I am . . .
OI am!
Ohmmm . . . I knew Johnny Bravo reminded me of someone . . . .

happy mad, silly sad
wanted more than I already had
haunted by all that I dreamt
never closed an eye, never slept
no one won, you didnt lose
no regrets then? you didnt get to choose
if it was a burning desire
did anyone see a fire?
you cant deny it now, can you baby?
ive been on you head since I turned into a fairy
its not your fault, theres much I dont reveal
but trust me, if you will, its become easier to conceal
running away did not allure
if you respect my opinion, this was the cure
but if YOU shed a tear
then YOULL kill me dear
so look up, for a while
wont you please pass a smile?
couldnt have made this any better
I just had to drop this letter
n before it was way too high a cost
I decided to get lost
O(crying silently) couldnt you take me with you?


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