Stephen had to go through physical therapy

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A. 7-4A-H-S-T-W Middle SchoolStephen Curry “I am, I will, It’s done,” -Stephen Curry.  Stephen Curry never gives up.  In this paper you will learn three examples of perseverance in Stephen Curry’s life: his bad ankles, determination and seeking perfection. Stephen Curry has shown perseverance in his life many times. The first display of perseverance is he has broken his ankle many times. Stephen had to persevere through the pain to be able to play again. He had to have surgery not once, but twice.

He also had to go through physical therapy to rebuild his strength in his ankle.  He wears an A2-DX ankle brace when he plays to help him keep his ankles strong and safe. (Sam Amick, 2015, n.

pg.)The second case of perseverance. “I am.

I will. It’s done.” -Stephen Curry. It means I am going to try harder. I will get back up and try again.

It’s done, means he just tried and tried again until he was successful.  This is the second way Stephen shows perseverance. (CJ Beatty, 2015, n.

pg.)The third representation of perseverance in Stephen Curry’s life is how he sought perfection.  It was “make it or chase it,” so he tried to perfect all of his shots.

 He didn’t want to get muddy or lose his ball at his grandfather’s house where he shot baskets.  He perfected his form, so he didn’t have to chase it. (Jim Fiore, 2015, Curry has shown perseverance in life many times. He’s broken his ankles, had surgery, physical therapy and still plays with a brace.

 He never gives up, and always finds a way to work harder. Stephen Curry shows perseverance by practicing until he’s perfect. I can use Stephen Curry’s perseverance examples in my life by never giving up and trying again and again. Sports do not come easy to me, because I am not the most athletic player. I can also use his perseverance in my life by always trying to perfect my shots so I don’t have to chase it. I can use his examples of perseverance to keep practicing so I can get better.

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