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Step 1: Process Work         Drug trafficking is a bad social issue and problem in our community due to the fact drug trafficking is illegal they are a lot  ruthless people and organization and attracts violence which tend to end in a not so great way. Drug trafficking affects our government system because a lot of money tend to corrupt our law officers to look the other way or give insider information to the drug traffickers.Step 2: Reading Analysis24 suspects were arrested in anti drug operations across turkey. Police seized over 1000 lbs of marijuana across the whole Diyarbakir province. 8 people that were arrested for drug trafficking.

In another province in Turkey police arrested 2 suspects who had more than 38 kilograms of heroin at their place. Another province Mersin  police arrested 5 people and seized 2 kg of marijuana. In the province of Kahramanmaras police arrested a suspect who was carrying 317 drug pills. The police definitely put a dent into the turkish drug trafficking after all these arrests and seizing their product.Step 3: Inquiry LearningA) Inquiry Questions:When do you (I) think drug trafficking would come to an end?How would you (I) smuggle drugs over the border, through different countries?Do you (I) think people traffick drugs for the large amount of money that is made from trafficking drugs?B) When I think drug trafficking will come to an end is never, simply because the supply and demand for drugs. As long as the demand for drugs are high low or none, people will still make the supply for the demand no matter how much or how little. There’s always going to be someone who has the ability to grow marijuana or make cocaine and other drugs and as long as that somebody knows someone that knows somebody drug trafficking will always be a problem. Since there’s so much money to be made in drug trafficking the dealers will continue to supply and distribute the product.

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How I would smuggle drugs into different countries or across the borders is that I would take a food company truck such as mcdonald’s or something and stash the drugs in the tires on the 18 wheel truck. I think this idea would work sometimes is that the border wouldn’t pop your tire for no reason but a problem would be if the product in the tires take up too much space and you don’t have enough air in the tires to make the run and you are forced to stop somewhere with the drugs in the tire. Some ways that drugs are smuggled is overseas. Some drug traffickers would spend close to a million on a custom military grade semi submersible boat just to make a drug deal.

I think when people get desperate to get cash they think of doing illegal things to obtain easy fast money. Drug trafficking is a $250-750 billion a year industry according to the recovery village so it seems very tempting to start trafficking drugs because there’s an infinite amount of money to be made. But I also think people get stupid and greedy when it comes to money, like a person could have all of the basic needs, Water, Food, Shelter, Clothes but still aren’t satisfied with what they have and mess around and end up in jail or even worse.Step 4: Analysis & Next StepsA) The issue of drug trafficking impacts my community very greatly in a negative way due to the fact my community is high schoolers. High Schools biggest problem is peer pressure and you will come across a situation where you find yourself making a hard decision whether to succumb to peer pressure or not and usually high schoolers are influenced very easily.

Drugs are trafficked through high school to high school due to the fact that they are so many high schools and curious teens. Drugs are very easy to come by and your friends would keep pressuring you to try it once. Drug dealers will also pressure you to come buy or try their product to hook you in.

High schoolers are the ones most affected by this issue due to the fact its their life and at a such young age and time they are introduced to drugs and some would even consider to start selling and trafficking for little bit of money. $100 seems like a lot for any high schoolers and they would consider selling drugs and mess up their life at a such young age.B) “Many of these kids never get to see their parents who are often sent to facilities hundreds or even thousands of miles from home.””As the police become more cynical and more angry the dealers will be standing there ready to make the deal””These gangs use violence not only to discipline their employees but also to intimidate and rob their competitors but also the civilians are intimidated by them”C) What I will do in the future if i ever come across a drug trafficker is to tell a trusted adult, teacher or a parent about the situation at hand and hope they can deal with it.

I will tell a trusted adult, teacher, or a parent because they know better than me and probably know what to do with this situation and also parents know best. The adults has been through life more than me and they probably came across in a similar situation like me so they would know what to do.


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