STATEMENT profits (around INR 15,000) generated are donated



As a young
undergraduate from India, I am pursuing a bachelors in commerce honors, a
degree that emphasizes on business skills, strong subject-matter learning and
gives the required knowledge of the basic theories, principles, methods and
deep understanding about the field of commerce & management. A combined
learning of both these sectors allowed me to get familiar with business, trade,
marketing and finance and raised my further interest in the subject. I would
like to enhance this knowledge by pursuing my masters in management and develop
the positive and proactive attitudes of management that are necessary for
global industries. In fact, the course structure emphasizes highly on the
development and enhancement of skills that are highly relevant to business and
management careers in the industry.

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I was born and
brought up in a family of business and the related discussions were common at
the dinner table. This field has always fascinated me more than anything else
as I have always admired my father investing money,
time and energy in his business and providing me the proper mindset of
thinking like a businessman. The admiration towards my father have always
pushed me to follow his footsteps and achieve
success in life. This passion had grown to such an extent that I started
helping my father in his business at an early age of 18. His teachings about
having a burning desire for something, not feeling disappointed by the failures
and having patience because “business is
a marathon, not a sprint” have allowed me to go and pursue higher studies
to acquire more knowledge and deepen my understanding about this field.


In my junior college,
as a team leader in an event with 10 other students,
I utilized an opportunity by coming
up with an innovative idea of managing
a canteen for 3 days in the campus. The profits (around
INR 15,000) generated are
donated to one of the Cancer Foundations. This not only allowed me to
understand the principles of managing people, but also taught me about how to
give back to the society. Another
such opportunity was in my high school management Fest, “Innovision” that
allowed me to learn some of the managerial skills. The fest had an integration
of some of the concepts such as bidding, marketing, advertising and business
presentations for the products to be sold. As a leader of my team consisting of
10 students, I have learned diverse aspects about the current business scenario
and it also aided in developing my overall personality.


London is
considered as one of the most prominent financial hubs of the world. It not
only provides a platform for participating in a global education system, but
also live among people coming from different nationalities, backgrounds and
cultures. The city has produced a number
of multi-millionaire businesses and people with huge imaginations about the industry.


The University
of Westminster, London provides one
of the best centres of business programs offering a balance of theoretical business
modules and the on-field experience to extend the learning about the subject and allow networking
opportunities in the industry. The University with its global reputation of
providing quality management education fits right into my plans. It has got
outstanding faculty, great resources
and an unparalleled reputation for its programs and has produced great leaders
who went on to contribute enormously to our society.
I am quite willing and deeply intended
towards pursuing my MA in management
program at the Westminster Business School, University of Westminster, London. I strongly
believe that an accredited degree in partnership with the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and an internship program will not give a boost to my theoretical knowledge but
also provide me an opportunity to apply this knowledge practically in a dynamic industry. This program provides
an excellent path in the right direction to reach my destination and
fulfill my goals. It will equip me with the necessary tools needed to become a
leader in near future. I strongly believe that my diligence, academic brilliance
and propensity to learn will help me add value to this challenging study program. Given an opportunity, I promise to give my very best to have a fruitful and mutual
beneficial partnership.


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