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Son of John Adams, John Q. Adams served as sixth president of the United States after being a substantial.

However, being in the spot of the President, he was not so great. Although he had a good sense of leadership, he failed to get Congress on board with his ideas.John Q. Adams is known as ‘America’s Best Mediocre President.’ He was also only the second president to lose the reelection.

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Due to his personality and his lack of interest in being president, his presidency is not considered one of his accomplishments within his many positions of government.When John Q. Adams was elected, it was a controversial election. Some believed he allowed too much control to be held by the elites, and many objected to his support of national economic development. He was later accused of being in a corrupt bargain with Henry Clay.Andrew Jackson (1829-1837)Right from the start Andrew Jackson makes some mistakes which could easily put him on this list of ‘worst presidents.

‘ Jackson wins the election against John Q. Adams by a landslide, and during his inauguration, he’s the “Champion of the Common Man.” Later that evening, he invited a bunch of people into the White House to celebrate, and his guests completely trashed the home of all former and future presidents.

Andrew Jackson Created the Spoils System after taking office. He dismissed 200+ employees that weren’t loyal to him, and filled those empty spots with people who were. Due to this, the government became less efficient. To make even more people angry, Jackson issues a tariff. The South is angry about the tariff, and threatens to nullify the law. The government should make laws that benefit the entire country, and not just the north. Jackson attempted to use military force to make South Carolina accept and follow the bill. Henry Clay proposed a different tariff that would reduce tariffs over the course of the next 10 years.

South Carolina revoked its ordinance.Jackson was also very mean to the Native Americans. He decides to move the Indians out of their land because he wanted access to their land; Indian Removal Act.

This eventually made it to the Supreme Court, Cherokee Nation v. Ga, the court sides with the Natives, because this would make them a domestic dependent nation (nation within a nation). In Worcester v. Georgia, the Supreme Court says they will not allow Jackson to move them. However, Jackson is willing to ignore the Constitution and is testing John Marshall’s decision. This was the first example of putting a party over everything.


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