Since you want a different unit than the

Since its inception in 2002, Google Chrome has been one of
the leading web browsers providing us with the super services such as fast
browsing and cool user interface. Like other browsers, there are a few tricks
and shortcuts that would make your browsing more productive thereby improving
your browsing experience as a whole.


Here are some useful tips and tricks to boost your browsing

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Omnibox unit converter and calculator

You can perform unit conversions in the omnibox, without
switching to Google search. Just start typing a unit in the omnibox, like “500
miles =” and Chrome will suggest a conversion rate, like miles. If you want a
different unit than the one suggested, just start typing the unit in the

You can also calculate math problems on the omnibox, just
insert the math problem in the omnibox and you will receive the result in a
matter of seconds. This trick works only if the default search engine is


Add events in Google Calendar

Chrome also allows you to add events into your Google
Calendar from the omnibox.

Click the navicon in the upper right hand corner then click
on Settings.

Scroll down to Search and click on “Manage search engines”.
At the bottom of the box that pops up, there will be 3 empty boxes for you to
add information. In the first box, enter “Add Calendar Event.” In the second
box, enter “cal”. In the third box, enter;

Click done and then you can add calendar events directly
from the omnibox. To add an event, type cal and press Tab, and enter your
event. You can even type the event right into the omnibox, like “Pick up Boss
from the office, 12 p.m.”


Recover your unintentionally closed

If you accidentally close a tab you were still working on,
there’s no need to panic, just press Ctrl+Shift+T (Command+Shift+T for MAC) and
Voila! Chrome will open the most recently closed tab. You can also right click
on the new tab icon and choose Re-open closed tabs.


Search for personal Gmail account
using omnibar

Go to Settings->Manage Search Engine -> Add new search

Type the Keyword –, Name the search engine – Gmail
and type this URL – “” and click on

Now you can search your e-mail in Omni box.

You can also do the same for Google Drive with this URL

It will increase the efficiency and will reduce the time
taken to search the e-mails.


“Guest browser” feature

Similar to having a guest account in Windows OS, Chrome also
allows you to create a guest browser to keep your browsing history safe from
your friends.

Chrome-> Settings-> Enabling Guest Browsing -> Add

Select any icon, to add a person.

Now there would be a desktop shortcut for Chrome created
with that person’s name.

You can also access the persons browsing history and manage
websites the person can access.

Click on sign in to control and view the websites this
person visits.



Some keyboard Shortcuts:

    Ctrl/Command + T
opens a new tab

    Ctrl/Command + W
closes your current tab

    Ctrl/Command +
Shift + T opens your last tab

    Ctrl/Command + L
highlights whatever’s in the Omni bar

    Ctrl/Command + Tab
moves you a tab to the right

    Ctrl/Command +
Shift + Tab moves you a tab to the left



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