George any individual. Being beautiful inside is

George is of the opinion that nobody other than you yourself can judge how beautiful you are. It is foolishness to accept that you are not beautiful just because some other individual thinks so. George truly states “I am beautiful because I want to be, I am beautiful because God made me that way, I am beautiful because in my eyes, There is no one beautiful than me.” Each and every individual is beautiful because of the reason that they have pre -determined goals in their lives and they have the ability and the confidence to achieve them. An individual is beautiful because he or she can provide a helping hand to others in need and can also advice on what is right or wrong. As a matter of fact we are beautiful because we live and strive each day to make our lives better and better. It has been said “Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder”. Beauty as a matter of fact lies in the eyes of an individual’s own self.

If one thinks that he or she is the most beautiful individual on Earth, the world will believe and if one is not confident about their own self even God cannot help. Confidence is what enhances the beauty of any individual. Being beautiful inside is extremely essential but it is also important that an individual understands the fact that if God has created them the way they are, there is a reason behind it. Can the Almighty create something which is less that beautiful? No. believing in one’s own inner and most important outer beauty is extremely essential to succeed in all areas of life.

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